Book & Book Adaptation Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before….

Hey All! Okay, so I had one reading goal initially for myself when entering this New Year of 2019 for when it came to dealing with the topic of what books to read. I had the goal of reading more novels that don’t have any adaptations as of yet, you know read to read and not watch a film/tv version of it afterwards.

20190228_181109Okay, so as you can tell by now the first book that I finished reading in this year of 2019 so far was indeed a book that does in fact have an adaptation. At some point during this New Year, I do hope to read more books that don’t have an adaptation at the point I’m reading them, I promise. Technically, I did start to read “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” during the late fall months of 2018 before the New Year began so that reading goal of mine didn’t yet apply, I’ll say. And being somewhat of a slow bookworm reader I finished reading this novel a few months later. So even though I started reading this in late 2018, I didn’t finish reading it until the second week of January. Thus, making it my first official book read of 2019! Oh, for how exciting it is for that moment where you finish reading just a really great book, you know! Slow Bookworm Reader (that is I) says a “Heck Yes” to that! Continue reading “Book & Book Adaptation Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before….”


The Indecisive Reader’s Guide To Choosing A Book And Reading List of 2018…..

20181217_170243.jpg“Yup!”. “Most Definitely!”. “I think it’s decided. Definitely this one!”. “Yipee! I made my decision, it’s this one for sure!”. Those are just a few of the things I say when thinking I’ve finally made my decision and decided on what next book I’d like to read. I feel so confident in these moments that I’ve made my final decision on choosing that next book. I feel that complete confidence that I would never, ever possibly change my mind. And then it happens…. Continue reading “The Indecisive Reader’s Guide To Choosing A Book And Reading List of 2018…..”