Something Doesn’t Have To Be Exciting To Have Meaning…


I miss getting out and living life.  Since the getting out and living life part isn’t as possible to do these days, one could say I’ve been a bit bummed.  I’m not one who goes on glamorous vacations or one who gets invited to awesome parties hosted by life long friends.  Although, I was, up to the point of pause, getting out and enjoying my everyday simple daily outings of living life.  Whether it was seeing a show in the city, a trip to the mall, or a walk on the boardwalk. Continue reading “Something Doesn’t Have To Be Exciting To Have Meaning…”


Missing Those Summer Days…


Summer is that time of year, for me, that really makes life worth living.  Days filled with sunshine and blue skies.  Days where the weather outside may be way too warm out, but that doesn’t really matter so much because swimming in a pool or the beach is always there.  And lastly, it’s been the days of summer that, in the past, had always been able to bring a sense of hope and happiness to me that today would be a good day. Continue reading “Missing Those Summer Days…”

Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!


It’s been a little over a week ago now since the month of December has arrived back on into town.  It’s a month filled with holiday cheer and joy.   It’s a time of year when the movie “Frozen” and its cast of characters pop up on the mind, with Elsa singing “Let It Go” in the background.  You know… Fun stuff!  On the opposite side of that fun, it’s also a month filled with cold, a month into that “glorious” thing of daylight savings (why daylight savings… but why??????), and another month I just long for the good old days of summer. Continue reading “Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!”

Hi! Is there a chance I could get a Playbill?

Recently I’ve been writing more about TV, along side with my denial that the summer season is over.  As well as, how swimming in the pool outside is at a pause for the next several months. So I thought I switch it up a bit and write about something that I have been lacking on in my most recent of articles. Which is that of the theater! Oh, yes. Dramatic in tone, thy name is Jodi!

*Full Disclosure*  With the exception of the Footloose: The Musical Playbill, all Playbills shown in this article are for shows I never made it around to seeing.  You’re probably wondering now how it is I got these Playbills, with thoughts of, “But how? But huh? But how?”.  Well, here I write away explaining answering those very reasonable questions.  And here I go…… Continue reading “Hi! Is there a chance I could get a Playbill?”

With That Summer Feeling Finally Here….. Reading Outdoors is The Last Thing I’ll Be Doing…..

jodi - beach 1I envy people who can concentrate long enough when at the beach or the pool to take time out to read a book. Heck, some people even have a reading list of books just for the summer to read at those places and actually stick to that reading list and read and finish those books at those places. Oh, to have such the concentration. Continue reading “With That Summer Feeling Finally Here….. Reading Outdoors is The Last Thing I’ll Be Doing…..”

Buster The Cat….

jodi - buster the catOkay, so you know that person that absolutely adores animals but from afar? And if that animal were to go near them, that person would then shriek and go “AHHHHH!!!!” and start to run away frantically looking like an idiot out of fear. Yeah, I’d be that very person. That very same person who would go, “Awwwww, your the cutest” from afar and then get totally scared if the animal were to run up to them. Continue reading “Buster The Cat….”

A Little Tree on a Beach I named Sandy Sue

Jodi's Tree- Cropped Photo
I decided when I finally got around to starting this blog, I would write about more than just the happiness and excitement that I feel for pop culture. I would also write about how I feel about life. How the simplest of things can bring someone happiness, if even just for a moment in time. Continue reading “A Little Tree on a Beach I named Sandy Sue”