And The Nominees Are… The Golden Globes 2019…

20190104_172113In the year of 2018, amazing television shows of every genre were made along with amazing performances that were able to keep us glued to our TV screens. The phrase “it’s just an honor to be nominated” is something people think other people just say.  We are living in a time currently of hundreds of great shows being produced as well as getting to witness such incredible performances by such talented performers.  Therefore, getting that recognition of being nominated with a nomination is truly an honor.  With the Golden Globes coming up on Sunday, I thought what better time than now to discuss my thoughts on what got nominated as well as what I think should and will win. Continue reading “And The Nominees Are… The Golden Globes 2019…”


Ahhh!!! The Emmys 2018 Are Tonight!

Jodi emmyHello all there! Tonight on NBC is a favorite night for TV Nerds everywhere. That’s right, it’s the Emmy Awards! Since I’m doing this pretty last second, TV Nerd Fail (it happens), this article will
be on the shorter side with just my picks on the major categories on what I think will take home that coveted statue that is the Emmy Award later tonight. Continue reading “Ahhh!!! The Emmys 2018 Are Tonight!”

I’m Back Fellow TV Nerds….. This Time With Part 2 of My Emmy Nominations for 2018….. This Time Talking “TV Comedy”….

Jodi emmyOkay, my last article dealt with the “Drama” side of the Emmy nominations. In this article, I will be putting my TV thoughts out there on what shows I feel should be nominated for that of the “Comedy” side. The shows I will be talking about are ones that I feel have been the best and the brightest of this TV season. I will be picking some shows that I felt were top notch with their material, while maybe the ratings weren’t top notch (possibly going under that “overlooked but amazing quality category”). Cause hey, for some reason or other with thousands upon thousands of new shows premiering weekly, there are bound to be some shows that go unnoticed. Hey, it happens to the best of them. Golden Age of TV and all right now, but of course! Now on to the predictions…… Continue reading “I’m Back Fellow TV Nerds….. This Time With Part 2 of My Emmy Nominations for 2018….. This Time Talking “TV Comedy”….”