TV Show Theme Songs…. Where Did They Go?

I watch TV. Probably more than most, in all honesty. Where life doesn’t make sense most days anymore I turn to TV. Since I watch quite a few programs on the good old tube, something has become apparent to me.  TV Show Theme Songs, where did they go? Continue reading “TV Show Theme Songs…. Where Did They Go?”

Fall TV Season 2018 is Here! TV Nerds Feeling That Overwhelming Feeling of Hooray Again!

Summer ending is never a fun time. Swimming during those delightful afternoon hours is now a thing of the past yet again for another year. To those who have been reading this gal’s thoughts….yes, I am obsessed with swimming. I try to bring it up in at least every single article I write. It happens…….

Jodi - Pict 13Anywho… Well, the only bright side to summer ending is the start once again of the regular television season when TV Nerds everywhere can rejoice that their favorite shows are once again making way back to their TV screens again. We, Nerds, who love the entertainment that is TV say goodbye every spring and weep until September when our fave shows come back around saying that metaphorical, “Hey Girl! We back! Your DVR will constantly be at a full capacity of 100% every single night no matter how much you watch. Hahahahahahaha!”. Well, in my case, my DVR is usually always at around a 98% anytime of the year. I watch….tooo much…..TV Nerd problems. Continue reading “Fall TV Season 2018 is Here! TV Nerds Feeling That Overwhelming Feeling of Hooray Again!”

A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!

Jodi The GoldbergsThere are literally hundreds of shows premiering weekly these days, whether it be on cable or streaming services. There are almost too many options. Finding that one show you can truly call “a number one favorite” is like finding a needle in a haystack. One show that has been a constant favorite of mine ever since it started is “The Goldberg’s” on ABC. Continue reading “A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!”