The Indecisive Reader’s Guide To Choosing A Book And Reading List of 2018…..

20181217_170243.jpg“Yup!”. “Most Definitely!”. “I think it’s decided. Definitely this one!”. “Yipee! I made my decision, it’s this one for sure!”. Those are just a few of the things I say when thinking I’ve finally made my decision and decided on what next book I’d like to read. I feel so confident in these moments that I’ve made my final decision on choosing that next book. I feel that complete confidence that I would never, ever possibly change my mind. And then it happens…. Continue reading “The Indecisive Reader’s Guide To Choosing A Book And Reading List of 2018…..”

Book Adaptations of 2018…

*DISCLAIMER – In this article, I will be discussing the books and TV series of Sweetbitter, Sharp Objects, and You. This article contains spoilers from these books/shows as I discuss my thoughts on them. Okay, cool? Now that that’s out of the way, enjoy fellow Pop Culture Nerds.*

These days book adaptations are constantly happening. Whether it be a TV series, a movie, a stage play, books are a constant source for great material. 2018 was once again a year where tons of books got that adaptation treatment of being formed into another source of entertainment for us all. Continue reading “Book Adaptations of 2018…”