TV Show Shout Out: The Good Wife

It’s that moment, it happens with every show sooner or later…. That moment of the series finale episode and the show now being over, being done, being completed.  It happens just like that. You watch a show for a certain amount of time until that fateful day when the show is now complete and your time as a viewer for a program you have looked forward to watching night after night, following the characters journey, admiring and becoming a complete and loyal fan of is now over. Metaphorical tears…… they be a flowing and flowing……

Let me take you on a journey. A journey of my time becoming a complete fan of the now ceased program that was…. The Good Wife. Curtain rises. And so I begin……. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: The Good Wife”

What!…… Yet More Of My Favorite Shows Are Ending!….. This Is Where I Say Whyyyyy and I Get It…….

Jodi - First Picture (2)Each and every single year there’s always a few shows that will end their time on TV. Shows that are admired, loved, and adored by their many fans. This year, in particular, did not have as many series finales as last year (at least for me), per say. Although, the ones that did end this year were (let’s just say) some of my……… ALL TIME FAVORITES. Since I have no idea how to get emojis on this, picture like a million billion little sad faces with so many tears in their eyes, to just emphasize exactly how I feel about the shows that did end their time on my TV airwaves this year. Continue reading “What!…… Yet More Of My Favorite Shows Are Ending!….. This Is Where I Say Whyyyyy and I Get It…….”