I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!

jodi Lisa FrankAs someone who grew up in the 1990’s, Lisa Frank merchandise was literally everywhere and everything. If you saw a unicorn sticker, you knew it was from Lisa Frank. There were stickers, notebooks, pencils and pens, folders, binders, and so much stationary. It was as if someone’s imagination went wild and was brought to life in the form of stationary. It was simply awesome! Continue reading “I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!”

A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!

Jodi The GoldbergsThere are literally hundreds of shows premiering weekly these days, whether it be on cable or streaming services. There are almost too many options. Finding that one show you can truly call “a number one favorite” is like finding a needle in a haystack. One show that has been a constant favorite of mine ever since it started is “The Goldberg’s” on ABC. Continue reading “A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!”