The 2020 Tony Awards!

Award Show Nominations

Hey everyone!  Last Sunday were the Emmy Awards, and this Sunday are the Tony Awards!  This is an exciting time for me because I am such a TV and Theater Nerd, and the Emmy and Tony Awards are literally my favorite awards shows because these are the award shows that highlight both the best in TV and theater for the year.  In my last article, I picked what TV shows and performers I’d hoped to see pick up an Emmy Award.  In this week’s article, I will be talking about this year’s Tony Awards, along with what shows and performers I hope to see pick up a 2020 Tony Award at this year’s show! Continue reading “The 2020 Tony Awards!”


Review: The Prom on Broadway

The only 2 things I wanted to do for my Birthday this year was to go see “The Prom” on Broadway and eat cake. And I got to do both! Score for this very gal that is me!

20181113_182915 (1)I had become aware of a new musical called The Prom, about two years ago now. It had a brief run in Atlanta in 2016 and gained some worthy “This Is A Show That Should Be Seen Like Now!” buzz and I had been counting down the days until I heard this gem would be coming to the stage that is Broadway. It was then announced about a year ago that The Prom would be coming to New York to make its Broadway Premiere at last and I was ever so flipping happy! Continue reading “Review: The Prom on Broadway”

Hi! Is there a chance I could get a Playbill?

Recently I’ve been writing more about TV, along side with my denial that the summer season is over.  As well as, how swimming in the pool outside is at a pause for the next several months. So I thought I switch it up a bit and write about something that I have been lacking on in my most recent of articles. Which is that of the theater! Oh, yes. Dramatic in tone, thy name is Jodi!

*Full Disclosure*  With the exception of the Footloose: The Musical Playbill, all Playbills shown in this article are for shows I never made it around to seeing.  You’re probably wondering now how it is I got these Playbills, with thoughts of, “But how? But huh? But how?”.  Well, here I write away explaining answering those very reasonable questions.  And here I go…… Continue reading “Hi! Is there a chance I could get a Playbill?”

“That Theater Loving Broadway Nerd” Here With Some Thoughts on Some Shows From This Theater Season…….

jodi 1st pictureAs the 2017- 2018 theater season is now coming to a close and with the Tony Awards being only a few weeks away, I decided what better time than now to write about the shows I was fortunate enough to have been able to have seen this theater season. This current season was an interesting one compared to previous seasons before it. Unlike last season where there was like an overload of new musicals (to the point of where this theater loving gal, felt overwhelmed cause I always want to see as much as possible can), this season offered very few by comparison. As far as the play front, I did manage to see one sole play. As far as shows go, I always usually end up seeing way more musicals than stage plays most of my theater going time. So this article will mostly be on the musical side of Broadway. Although, I do enjoy myself a great stage play here and there, my go- to shows are usually that of musicals. Continue reading ““That Theater Loving Broadway Nerd” Here With Some Thoughts on Some Shows From This Theater Season…….”