Let’s Talk TV! The Best TV Shows Of 2020! – Part 1


Hey Everyone!  I know many of my articles of the last few months were on the, let’s just say “I’m Sad A Lot Now” side.  So thank you to anyone who took the time to read what this gal had to say.  Also, my many thanks to those who have been tuning into my weekly column series about all things in pop culture on my blog.  As you can tell by the title, I will be talking about TV today.  More specifically, my favorite TV shows of the year. Continue reading “Let’s Talk TV! The Best TV Shows Of 2020! – Part 1”


TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale


* Before getting into my review on the series Riverdale, let me first say this.  For those of you folks who have tuned into this gal’s articles before, you know one thing about me.  When reviewing my thoughts on this or that, I’ve been known to go slightly off topic at times, and ramble here and there on other matters besides that of the main point and focus of my articles. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale”