Favorite TV Shows of 2021 – Part 2!

Succession on HBO

Hello again!  This is the second and last article in this series on my blog where I will continue to talk about my favorite TV shows of 2021!  Wondering what TV shows made the rest of my list?  Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “Favorite TV Shows of 2021 – Part 2!”


Awesome Things This Week In Pop Culture!

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend TV Show

Hey!  There are some awesome things happening right now in pop culture, and so here I am to talk about these awesome things! Continue reading “Awesome Things This Week In Pop Culture!”

TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To Returning!

Russian Doll on Netflix

Hey everyone!  I love TV, as we all know.  Well, at least those of you who follow this gal’s blog know that.  Anyways, many of my absolute favorite TV shows currently on TV are shows that have not graced the small screen in quite a while because basically every TV show that was in production when life went on pause also paused as well.  But, that’s about to change because my favorite TV shows are returning!!! Continue reading “TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To Returning!”

Top 10 Best TV Series of 2019… Part 2

In my last article I discussed the first five out of the ten television series that I considered to be the best of 2019.  In Part 2 of this article series, I will be revealing the remaining five television series that were my favorites of the year. Continue reading “Top 10 Best TV Series of 2019… Part 2”

Top 10 Favorite NEW TV Dramas Of 2018… Part 1

This year was full of amazing new TV Programs for all of us to watch and enjoy.  When thinking about what my favorite new shows were that started in 2018 just so many great ones come to mind.  There were some that were “Comedies”.  There were some that were “Dramas”.  There were some that were “Mini- Series or Limited Series” events.  Many shows of every category were there to make 2018 a great year for Television. Continue reading “Top 10 Favorite NEW TV Dramas Of 2018… Part 1”

Ahhh!!! The Emmys 2018 Are Tonight!

Jodi emmyHello all there! Tonight on NBC is a favorite night for TV Nerds everywhere. That’s right, it’s the Emmy Awards! Since I’m doing this pretty last second, TV Nerd Fail (it happens), this article will
be on the shorter side with just my picks on the major categories on what I think will take home that coveted statue that is the Emmy Award later tonight. Continue reading “Ahhh!!! The Emmys 2018 Are Tonight!”

There once was a show on HBO called “The Leftovers”….

jodi the leftoversPeople say all the time that we are living in the golden age of television. And it’s completely the truth. There are literally, like A LOT, of new and returning shows premiering each and every single week now. Some shows, even as critically acclaimed as they may be, sometimes go unnoticed. And fall into that category of “great underrated shows”.

Such as in the case, with the now over show that was “The Leftovers” on HBO. Adapted from Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same name, this TV gem was seriously the absolute best existential drama since Six Feet Under. The Leftovers, like Six Feet Under, was able to deal with the daily struggle it is of just getting by sometimes. Continue reading “There once was a show on HBO called “The Leftovers”….”

TV Series Finales Are Tricky….But There’s One Show That Got It Just Right!

jodi Six Feet Under (2)Series finales for television shows are super tricky to pull off sometimes. A show that has had several seasons under its belt, with its followers of fans, has a lot to live up to. Fans expect and hope for a good ending to a show that they have come to love after so many years, or at the very least are curious to see how it all ends. Continue reading “TV Series Finales Are Tricky….But There’s One Show That Got It Just Right!”