Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!


It’s been a little over a week ago now since the month of December has arrived back on into town.  It’s a month filled with holiday cheer and joy.   It’s a time of year when the movie “Frozen” and its cast of characters pop up on the mind, with Elsa singing “Let It Go” in the background.  You know… Fun stuff!  On the opposite side of that fun, it’s also a month filled with cold, a month into that “glorious” thing of daylight savings (why daylight savings… but why??????), and another month I just long for the good old days of summer. Continue reading “Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!”

Tony Nominations Are Tomorrow!

jodi playbill (2)It’s the beginning of May, so all you theater fans know what that means. Tony nominations are here! Tomorrow, bright and early nominations will be announced by Tony Award winner Leslie Odom, Jr. and current headliner of Waitress: The Musical, Katherine McPhee. Continue reading “Tony Nominations Are Tomorrow!”