Favorite TV Shows of 2021 – Part 1!

Musical TV Show

Hello, and welcome to what will be a two part series on my blog where I will be talking all about my favorite TV shows of 2021!  I must say, this was indeed a great year for television!  We are currently living in the golden age of television where there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of TV shows.  It was tough to choose only just a few TV shows to acknowledge as the best of last year, but this TV Nerd was up for the challenge!  What TV shows did I think were the best of 2021?  Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “Favorite TV Shows of 2021 – Part 1!”

It’s May TV Fans….. Cancellations Happening Everywhere

Jodi cancelledIt’s May, so TV fans everywhere, know what that means. TV cancellations are here. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new show or a seasoned one. There’s a chance that your favorite show is in danger of getting that dreaded cancellation notice.  This time of the year in May, as with any other year, the major television networks hold what are referred to as “The Up-Fronts”. This is the time when the major networks unveil the new line-up of shows for the upcoming fall season. It’s in this time, that the networks show the new shows that got picked up, as well as returning favorites that got that shiny golden ticket of a show renewal. It’s also at this point, where shows that have been considered “on the bubble” might not get that golden ticket of renewal. Instead, a show might receive the news of a “dreaded cancellation notice”. Continue reading “It’s May TV Fans….. Cancellations Happening Everywhere”