TV Show Shout Out: Forever on Amazon Prime

In this article, I will be discussing the show Forever on Amazon Prime.  In discussing my thoughts on this gem of a TV Show, I will be talking about the whole season and spoilers will be a happening.  So now that that’s out of the way….. Onto my review of “Forever”!

20181124_014622There are tons upon tons of new shows premiering weekly in these times of being “The Golden Age of Television” and all. There are some shows that are okay. There are some shows that are good. And then there are some shows that are beyond that level of greatness! One of those current gems is Forever on Amazon Prime. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Forever on Amazon Prime”


What’s a TV Nerd To Do When All The TV Shows Start To Pile Up…..

20180921_030727You know how TV Nerds everywhere have that excitement after the summer season is over and realizes that the “New Fall TV Season” is upon us once again? New shows, returning shows!!!! Oh the joy!!!  The joy that only a nerd who loves the TV can feel.  Especially when the only thing to help make it to next summer again is the distraction only TV can help with until those days of swimming in those summer afternoon hours are a thing again. Oh swimming the days away for an hour every day, I miss ya…. Sorry, I need a minute, just a nerd crying cause she’s misses the days of summer and swimming…. Continue reading “What’s a TV Nerd To Do When All The TV Shows Start To Pile Up…..”

Fall TV Season 2018 is Here! TV Nerds Feeling That Overwhelming Feeling of Hooray Again!

Summer ending is never a fun time. Swimming during those delightful afternoon hours is now a thing of the past yet again for another year. To those who have been reading this gal’s thoughts….yes, I am obsessed with swimming. I try to bring it up in at least every single article I write. It happens…….

Jodi - Pict 13Anywho… Well, the only bright side to summer ending is the start once again of the regular television season when TV Nerds everywhere can rejoice that their favorite shows are once again making way back to their TV screens again. We, Nerds, who love the entertainment that is TV say goodbye every spring and weep until September when our fave shows come back around saying that metaphorical, “Hey Girl! We back! Your DVR will constantly be at a full capacity of 100% every single night no matter how much you watch. Hahahahahahaha!”. Well, in my case, my DVR is usually always at around a 98% anytime of the year. I watch….tooo much…..TV Nerd problems. Continue reading “Fall TV Season 2018 is Here! TV Nerds Feeling That Overwhelming Feeling of Hooray Again!”