It’s That Time of Year TV Nerd Folks, For Your Fave TV Shows To Be Cancelled….


A few weeks ago now it started again.  It caught me by surprise.  It then suddenly hit me of how it was now the month of May and how that could only mean one thing.  Well, it means one thing for that of television.  Basically every May the main television networks of NBC, ABC, CBS,  FOX, and the CW come together in New York for a week with an event called the “TV Upfronts”.  It’s this during this time where these networks showcase all of their upcoming programming for the next season of television on their respective channels. Continue reading “It’s That Time of Year TV Nerd Folks, For Your Fave TV Shows To Be Cancelled….”


It’s May TV Fans….. Cancellations Happening Everywhere

Jodi cancelledIt’s May, so TV fans everywhere, know what that means. TV cancellations are here. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new show or a seasoned one. There’s a chance that your favorite show is in danger of getting that dreaded cancellation notice.  This time of the year in May, as with any other year, the major television networks hold what are referred to as “The Up-Fronts”. This is the time when the major networks unveil the new line-up of shows for the upcoming fall season. It’s in this time, that the networks show the new shows that got picked up, as well as returning favorites that got that shiny golden ticket of a show renewal. It’s also at this point, where shows that have been considered “on the bubble” might not get that golden ticket of renewal. Instead, a show might receive the news of a “dreaded cancellation notice”. Continue reading “It’s May TV Fans….. Cancellations Happening Everywhere”