Broadway At The Movies!

Dear Evan Hansen

Hey everyone!  In today’s article I will be talking about upcoming film adaptations of Broadway shows.  As Broadway is still currently on pause, film adaptations of Broadway shows are as close as one is going to get these days to seeing a Broadway show.  And so, I thought why not talk about what upcoming Broadway show film adaptations I am looking forward to the most this year! Continue reading “Broadway At The Movies!”

“Wait For Me…” A Review of the Broadway Musical: Hadestown

Hey All!  Hope everyone is having a nice and warm winter, if that’s even possible.  Ugh, winter, am I right!  I miss Spring!  I miss Summer!  Okay, enough with my Seasonal Depression.  Let me get on to what this article is actually about.  And no, it’s not about how I miss warmer weather. Continue reading ““Wait For Me…” A Review of the Broadway Musical: Hadestown”

Tony Nominations Are Tomorrow!

jodi playbill (2)It’s the beginning of May, so all you theater fans know what that means. Tony nominations are here! Tomorrow, bright and early nominations will be announced by Tony Award winner Leslie Odom, Jr. and current headliner of Waitress: The Musical, Katherine McPhee. Continue reading “Tony Nominations Are Tomorrow!”

I Am That True Theater Loving Nerd Who Will Never Be Able To Carry A Tune

Jodi theater blogI have loved the arts since as long as I can remember. I’m not a very outgoing person these days, but once you get me talking about anything in pop culture, good luck trying to get me to stop. There’s a good chance that if you ask me who was in this show or that, I would know. I’m full of theater facts and anyone who really knows me now will tell you that. Continue reading “I Am That True Theater Loving Nerd Who Will Never Be Able To Carry A Tune”