Book Adaptations of 2018…

*DISCLAIMER – In this article, I will be discussing the books and TV series of Sweetbitter, Sharp Objects, and You. This article contains spoilers from these books/shows as I discuss my thoughts on them. Okay, cool? Now that that’s out of the way, enjoy fellow Pop Culture Nerds.*

These days book adaptations are constantly happening. Whether it be a TV series, a movie, a stage play, books are a constant source for great material. 2018 was once again a year where tons of books got that adaptation treatment of being formed into another source of entertainment for us all. Continue reading “Book Adaptations of 2018…”


Who’s That Girl…..Who’s That Girl That Buys A Book and Takes Forever to Start Reading It?……. It’s Jodi!

jodi - who (2)Yes, I am that person that will be writing about reading and novels, but has a reference related to that of TV for her title. Yup, that’s me, Jodi. For those of you unfamiliar with that little tune, it’s similar to that of the theme song for a show called New Girl. Which recently ended its run on FOX, not so long ago. New Girl’s theme song was a bit fun and a bit quirky. So what better way to start this article about books, than a reference to one of the cutest theme songs in all of TV land.

Being the TV Nerd that I am, I had to make a TV reference at least once on here in this article of mine. Anyways, moving now on to the what this article is actually all about. Which is that of books or novels, or whatever you prefer to call your reading time item. Continue reading “Who’s That Girl…..Who’s That Girl That Buys A Book and Takes Forever to Start Reading It?……. It’s Jodi!”

How Theater, Television, and Movies Got Me Into Reading Again!

Jodi Books - 2 As someone who grew up in the 1990s, I was an avid fan of “The Baby Sitter’s Club”. At one point I probably owned every book. As I got older reading for the joy of it stopped simply because I didn’t have the time whether it be school, extracurricular activities, or my small but existing social life. Anyways, it wasn’t until years later, that I finally got back into reading for the fun of it again. Continue reading “How Theater, Television, and Movies Got Me Into Reading Again!”