The 2021 Emmy Awards!

Award Show Nominations

Hey everyone!  The 2021 Emmy Awards are tomorrow!  Instead of writing my thoughts on this year’s Emmy Award nominations, as I have in past articles when it comes to award show nominations, I’m just going to keep it simple for this year’s article with telling you what TV shows and performers got nominated along with my picks for what TV shows and performers I hope to see pick up a 2021 Emmy Award. Continue reading “The 2021 Emmy Awards!”


Emmy Award Nominations Are Tomorrow!

TV Show

Hey everyone!  This year’s Emmy Award Nominations are set to be announced tomorrow!  I call myself a pop culture nerd, but I kind of actually forgot about this until yesterday.  Can I still call myself a pop culture nerd if I forgot that the Emmy Award Nominations are announced every July?  I hope so! Continue reading “Emmy Award Nominations Are Tomorrow!”

The 2020 Emmy Nominations for Best Comedy Series…


In this article, I will be discussing what television series received a nomination in the comedy category for this year’s Emmy Awards.  And the nominees are… Continue reading “The 2020 Emmy Nominations for Best Comedy Series…”

The 2020 Emmy Awards…

20180921_030727 (1)Normally, Emmy Award show night is a night I look forward to every year.  As it’s clear to see, I love television.  The Emmy Awards are very much like the Super Bowl for those of us who love tv.  I have to say, though, considering everything I find myself not quite as excited for this year’s award show as I would normally be. Continue reading “The 2020 Emmy Awards…”

The 2020 Golden Globe Awards -Part 2


In Part 2 of this article series I will be discussing my thoughts and predictions for what performers I think will take home a Golden Globe for both that of Television Drama and Comedy Series. Continue reading “The 2020 Golden Globe Awards -Part 2”

The 2020 Golden Globe Awards -Part 1


Golden Globes 2020 are here.  It seems like only yesterday I was making my predictions for what shows and performers would take home this coveted award for last year’s show.  Anywho, here we are at Golden Globes 2020.  The Golden Globes cover both that of television and film.  If you follow this gal’s blog, you know that I am a TV Nerd who rarely watches movies.  So if you’re looking for predictions for any of the film categories, sorry.  I will only be covering the television nominees side here. Continue reading “The 2020 Golden Globe Awards -Part 1”

The 2019 Tony Nominations… And My Thoughts Are….


It’s the most wonderful time of the year….. for Theater Fans!  That’s right folks, Tony Award Season is upon us! Can I get a “Heck Yeah!”.  This Broadway Season was one that I’d call quite amazing. Continue reading “The 2019 Tony Nominations… And My Thoughts Are….”

And The Nominees Are… The Golden Globes 2019…

20190104_172113In the year of 2018, amazing television shows of every genre were made along with amazing performances that were able to keep us glued to our TV screens. The phrase “it’s just an honor to be nominated” is something people think other people just say.  We are living in a time currently of hundreds of great shows being produced as well as getting to witness such incredible performances by such talented performers.  Therefore, getting that recognition of being nominated with a nomination is truly an honor.  With the Golden Globes coming up on Sunday, I thought what better time than now to discuss my thoughts on what got nominated as well as what I think should and will win. Continue reading “And The Nominees Are… The Golden Globes 2019…”