What’s That You Say…… The 90s Are Returning….. Um, Yes To All Of That!

Jodi NinetysAs I continue to get older year by year, I have become ever so appreciative for that of nostalgia. It seems others these days are appreciating that greatness that nostalgia is as well. The 90s are making a comeback with a return of some of my favorite things to have come out of that decade saying “Hey!” again. When I think back on to the times of the 90s, I think Nickelodeon, friendship bracelets, Friday nights with TGIF on ABC,Farley’s Gummy Fruit Snacks and The BabySitter’s Club. Continue reading “What’s That You Say…… The 90s Are Returning….. Um, Yes To All Of That!”

I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!

jodi Lisa FrankAs someone who grew up in the 1990’s, Lisa Frank merchandise was literally everywhere and everything. If you saw a unicorn sticker, you knew it was from Lisa Frank. There were stickers, notebooks, pencils and pens, folders, binders, and so much stationary. It was as if someone’s imagination went wild and was brought to life in the form of stationary. It was simply awesome! Continue reading “I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!”