Still Sad, Reality TV, and TV Show Trivia Sunday!

TV Show

I used to consider myself quite the TV Nerd.  Someone who was always up to date on the latest new TV shows, along with watching TV shows that I’ve always wanted to watch, or catching up on TV shows I may have fallen behind on at some point.  I am the type of person who can only truly enjoy watching TV when I’m okay.  I know sometimes when someone is sad they go and watch TV, but not me.  If I’m sad, I don’t enjoy TV at all. Continue reading “Still Sad, Reality TV, and TV Show Trivia Sunday!”

TV Show Trivia Friday?

TV Show

It’s Thursday, oh wait, no it’s not!  Yes, it’s Friday, which is not my regular day for TV Show Trivia on my blog.  It’s fine though because here I am today on a Friday with some TV Show Trivia for all of you TV Nerds!  Curious what today’s clues are?  Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “TV Show Trivia Friday?”

TV Show Trivia Thursday!

The TV Show Friends

Hey everyone!  Surprise, surprise!  Here I am again this week with some more TV Show Trivia!  I had so much fun doing this on Tuesday that I thought I’d try and make this a weekly thing on my blog!  Curious what today’s clues are for TV Show Trivia Thursday, keep reading to find out! Continue reading “TV Show Trivia Thursday!”