TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale


* Before getting into my review on the series Riverdale, let me first say this.  For those of you folks who have tuned into this gal’s articles before, you know one thing about me.  When reviewing my thoughts on this or that, I’ve been known to go slightly off topic at times, and ramble here and there on other matters besides that of the main point and focus of my articles. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale”


TV Show Shout Out: Russian Doll on Netflix

*Disclaimer- In writing my thoughts on the Netflix Series “Russian Doll” I will be discussing the series where spoilers will indeed by popping up during my article.  Now that that factoid has been pointed out, enjoy fellow TV Nerds!*

20190315_191447The new series “Russian Doll” which is currently now streaming on Netflix seemed to have come out of nowhere.  Well, at least for this TV Nerd.  With so many new series coming out daily now along side the numerous amount of tv shows I’m already trying to keep up with these days, I don’t really go out of my TV Nerd way to really know about every new series that is coming out before their premiere date, there’s just simply too many new series to know about them all before they start. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Russian Doll on Netflix”

TV Episode Shout Out: This Is Us…

Normally up until now on my blog, when I’ve highlighted a series it’s usually with a write up about a full season or that series as a whole. Then an episode from the current season of “This Is Us” happened and I just had to acknowledge it for being a stand out episode among this current season. Continue reading “TV Episode Shout Out: This Is Us…”

TV Show Shout Out: Forever on Amazon Prime

In this article, I will be discussing the show Forever on Amazon Prime.  In discussing my thoughts on this gem of a TV Show, I will be talking about the whole season and spoilers will be a happening.  So now that that’s out of the way….. Onto my review of “Forever”!

20181124_014622There are tons upon tons of new shows premiering weekly in these times of being “The Golden Age of Television” and all. There are some shows that are okay. There are some shows that are good. And then there are some shows that are beyond that level of greatness! One of those current gems is Forever on Amazon Prime. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Forever on Amazon Prime”

TV Show Shout Out: Maniac

*Disclaimer- In discussing my thoughts on the series of Maniac on Netflix, there are spoilers throughout this article.  Okay now that that’s out of the way, on to my thoughts!*

Okay, so before most TV programs come out these days there are usually always a trailer beforehand promoting these said TV programs. You know how you see a commercial or a trailer for a new show and think the following of TV Nerds thoughts, “UH YES! THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I WANT TO START WATCHING THIS LIKE YESTERDAY!”. Yeah, you know those TV Nerd thoughts. Well, maybe less dramatic than that but hey you get the drift of what I’m saying. You’re probably thinking that based on the thought like the one mentioned above that I would watch that program like right away. Is that ever the case with this gal? Never honestly, usually most of the time that be a nope! Usually if I’m really excited about a new show I actually wait a little bit of time to let my excitement lessen down a bit so I’m not overly excited and can watch the show seriously and not like, “AHHHH!!!  Can’t Wait To Watch This!!!”.  So my excitement and that initial hype that surrounds that new series has diminished up a bit so I can actually focus more than I might otherwise had been able focus if I started it right away. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: Maniac”

TV Show Shout Out: The Good Wife

It’s that moment, it happens with every show sooner or later…. That moment of the series finale episode and the show now being over, being done, being completed.  It happens just like that. You watch a show for a certain amount of time until that fateful day when the show is now complete and your time as a viewer for a program you have looked forward to watching night after night, following the characters journey, admiring and becoming a complete and loyal fan of is now over. Metaphorical tears…… they be a flowing and flowing……

Let me take you on a journey. A journey of my time becoming a complete fan of the now ceased program that was…. The Good Wife. Curtain rises. And so I begin……. Continue reading “TV Show Shout Out: The Good Wife”

Girlboss, Oh Girlboss…… Thoughts on the One Season Only Show That Was “Girlboss”……..

Jodi - Girl BossOkay, I like to watch shows that sometimes are ones that I like to refer to as “One Season Only”. Meaning shows that received in some cases that “all too soon cancellation pink slip” and were not given the time to grow and maybe “get there” creatively. I’ve learned from watching enough TV (somehow just saying that sentence I get a little bummed, but any who….) that given some time any “just eh, yeah it’s okay” show can go to “OMG! UM, YES! THIS SHOW…… I LOVE IT!” Well, I might be just a little on the dramatic side there (per usual), but you get what I mean. Continue reading “Girlboss, Oh Girlboss…… Thoughts on the One Season Only Show That Was “Girlboss”……..”

There once was a show on HBO called “The Leftovers”….

jodi the leftoversPeople say all the time that we are living in the golden age of television. And it’s completely the truth. There are literally, like A LOT, of new and returning shows premiering each and every single week now. Some shows, even as critically acclaimed as they may be, sometimes go unnoticed. And fall into that category of “great underrated shows”.

Such as in the case, with the now over show that was “The Leftovers” on HBO. Adapted from Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same name, this TV gem was seriously the absolute best existential drama since Six Feet Under. The Leftovers, like Six Feet Under, was able to deal with the daily struggle it is of just getting by sometimes. Continue reading “There once was a show on HBO called “The Leftovers”….”

A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!

Jodi The GoldbergsThere are literally hundreds of shows premiering weekly these days, whether it be on cable or streaming services. There are almost too many options. Finding that one show you can truly call “a number one favorite” is like finding a needle in a haystack. One show that has been a constant favorite of mine ever since it started is “The Goldberg’s” on ABC. Continue reading “A Show That Truly Embraces the Fun Side of the 80s!”