Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!


It’s been a little over a week ago now since the month of December has arrived back on into town.  It’s a month filled with holiday cheer and joy.   It’s a time of year when the movie “Frozen” and its cast of characters pop up on the mind, with Elsa singing “Let It Go” in the background.  You know… Fun stuff!  On the opposite side of that fun, it’s also a month filled with cold, a month into that “glorious” thing of daylight savings (why daylight savings… but why??????), and another month I just long for the good old days of summer. Continue reading “Seriously, though… I Miss Summer!”

Buster The Cat….

jodi - buster the catOkay, so you know that person that absolutely adores animals but from afar? And if that animal were to go near them, that person would then shriek and go “AHHHHH!!!!” and start to run away frantically looking like an idiot out of fear. Yeah, I’d be that very person. That very same person who would go, “Awwwww, your the cutest” from afar and then get totally scared if the animal were to run up to them. Continue reading “Buster The Cat….”

“ Woah, They Still Make Those?!? ” The Days Of The Throw-Away Camera….

jodi cameraIn these current times, technology is rapidly changing, every second of every day. Whether it be phones, computers, or television sets. There is constantly a new, better, or latest model of something always coming out. You blink for a second and then there is a something new for something or other already here. Continue reading ““ Woah, They Still Make Those?!? ” The Days Of The Throw-Away Camera….”

I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!

jodi Lisa FrankAs someone who grew up in the 1990’s, Lisa Frank merchandise was literally everywhere and everything. If you saw a unicorn sticker, you knew it was from Lisa Frank. There were stickers, notebooks, pencils and pens, folders, binders, and so much stationary. It was as if someone’s imagination went wild and was brought to life in the form of stationary. It was simply awesome! Continue reading “I Will Forever Be That “Lisa Frank Fangirl”!”

A Little Tree on a Beach I named Sandy Sue

Jodi's Tree- Cropped Photo
I decided when I finally got around to starting this blog, I would write about more than just the happiness and excitement that I feel for pop culture. I would also write about how I feel about life. How the simplest of things can bring someone happiness, if even just for a moment in time. Continue reading “A Little Tree on a Beach I named Sandy Sue”