Awesome Things This Week In Pop Culture!

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend TV Show

Hey!  There are some awesome things happening right now in pop culture, and so here I am to talk about these awesome things!

The Film Adaptation of tick, tick… BOOM!

I have been a fan of the show tick, tick… BOOM!, for forever now.  Even though I have never seen the show live on stage, I know all of the songs thanks to the Off- Broadway cast album of the show.  I am still surprised this show has never made its way to Broadway, but who knows, maybe after the film comes there will be more interest to make that happen!

The film adaptation of tick, tick… BOOM!, is set to premiere on Netflix tomorrow, November 18th!

Mrs. Doubtfire will be performing on Good Morning America

One of the shows I was planning on seeing before Broadway shutdown was Mrs. Doubtfire.  I, along with so many, adore the film.  The songwriting team behind the hilarious Broadway musical Something Rotten are the songwriting team for Mrs. Doubtfire.  Based on this team’s previous work, Mrs. Doubtfire is sure to be a fun time at the theater.  Plus, Rob McClure is in the show portraying Mrs. Doubtfire!  McClure is a comic genius, and sure to be a frontrunner at this year’s Tony Awards.

On Thursday, November 18th (which is tomorrow), on Good Morning America, the cast of Mrs. Doubtfire is set to make their world television debut with a performance on the morning show.  I seriously can’t wait to see what the show performs!  Around 8:50 AM, is when performances usually take place.

The Original Broadway Cast of Spring Awakening Reunion Concert

If you know Broadway, you know that in 2007 Spring Awakening was the show on Broadway that had everyone talking.  The score for this musical has some of the best, most haunting songs to ever have been sung on the Broadway stage.

This past Monday at the Imperial Theater on Broadway, the original cast of the show reunited in concert.  When I heard this was happening, I was happy and sad.  Happy that this was happening, but sad I would miss it.  But, it was announced this week that the reunion concert would be recorded for HBO!  The documentary of the Spring Awakening Reunion Concert is set to premiere on HBO and HBO Max sometime in 2022.

The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV

I think I might have found my favorite new show of the year, sorry Ted Lasso.  Well, technically this new Apple TV show premiered on the streaming service last Friday, but I just started watching it.

I’ve been in a bit of a TV slump lately, but yesterday I ended up watching two episodes of this new show!  Yeah, it’s that good.  The show has a great cast that includes Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Kathryn Hahn.  What makes this existential TV drama so interesting is that it is based on a true story.

That’s it for today folks!

What are your current favorites in pop culture?  This can include TV, movies, songs, theater, and books!

As always, thanks for reading!  Until Next Time Pop Culture Nerds!


Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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