TV Show Trivia Thursday!

TV Show

Hello, and welcome to another installment of TV Show Trivia Thursday!  Curious what today’s clues are for TV Show Trivia Thursday?  Keep reading to find out!

What TV Show Am I Talking About?

Clue #1

This show had an original theme song that was super fun and got stuck in your head.

Clue #2

This show ended its run on TV in 2014, but it’s story has continued over the years in two movies with a third film on the way.

Clue #3

The two lead actors of this show are both currently on shows on the ABC network.

What TV Show Am I Talking About?

The answer to last week’s TV Show Trivia Thursday was Gossip Girl!

Thanks for playing and tuning into TV Show Trivia Thursday! 

Until Next Time TV Nerds!


Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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