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Dear Evan Hansen

Hey everyone!  In today’s article I will be talking about upcoming film adaptations of Broadway shows.  As Broadway is still currently on pause, film adaptations of Broadway shows are as close as one is going to get these days to seeing a Broadway show.  And so, I thought why not talk about what upcoming Broadway show film adaptations I am looking forward to the most this year!

Dear Evan Hansen

After opening on Broadway in fall of 2017, Dear Evan Hansen quickly went on to become one of Broadway’s most successful and sought after to see shows.  The show went on to win several Tony Awards the following year including Best Musical and Best Actor in a Musical going to the star of the show Ben Platt.

Why I’m Looking Forward To This Film Adaptation:

A good chunk of the time when Broadway shows are adapted into films it’s very rare that anyone who was in the actual Broadway show gets cast in the film adaptation.  This isn’t always the case, of course, as when the film adaptation of RENT was made most of the original cast of the Broadway show were cast in the movie in the same roles that they originated on the stage.  

I bring up casting because for the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen the actor who originated the part on stage, Ben Platt, will be portraying the part he originated on the stage in the film adaptation.  I saw Dear Evan Hansen during its Off- Broadway run at the Second Stage Theater in New York City.  Besides the show and the score, one of the main reasons the show was so well received was because of Platt’s performance.  He felt every word of every song, and as an audience member you remember a performance such as Platt’s because you could feel his character’s struggle and his want to just simply fit in.

And lastly, the songs.  The score for Dear Evan Hansen is a score that one remembers after seeing the show.  I can’t wait to hear “Waving Through A Window” in the film adaptation.  This song is most definitely one of my favorite songs to ever have been sung on the Broadway stage (or in my case the Off- Broadway stage).

*Dear Evan Hansen is set to make its film premiere in September of 2021*

tick, tick… BOOM!

tick, tick… BOOM!, is the best show that you’ve (probably) never heard of.  The show is about the life of the creator of RENT, Jonathan Larson, and every song in the show was written by Larson himself.  The show opened Off- Broadway in 2001 at the Jane Street Theater in New York City where it ran for less than a year.  Besides a few performances at City Center in 2014 and a small revival run of the show Off- Broadway in 2016, the show has yet to have a run on Broadway.  When it comes to theater, Off- Broadway shows are sometimes not as well known as shows that grace the Broadway stage, which is why this is a show that many may not have heard of.  

Why I’m Looking Forward To This Film Adaptation:

During my second visit to RENT on Broadway is when I first heard about the musical “tick, tick… BOOM!”  After this trip to RENT, I later came to learn that this new Off- Broadway show was about the creator of RENT, Jonathan Larson.  I never got to see the show during its original Off- Broadway run in New York City, but I quickly became a fan of the show through its cast album.  

I’m still surprised to this day that the show didn’t immediately transfer to Broadway after it began its initial run Off- Broadway.  There are so many fans of Larson and the Broadway show RENT that there is definitely an audience for this show, so that’s why the show never transferring to Broadway and never having had a run on Broadway just doesn’t make any sense to this Theater Nerd.  As much as I love theater, I don’t get to see every show I want to.  And tick, tick… BOOM! is a show that I’ve always wanted to see live in person, but still haven’t seen yet.  So to say the least, I am very much looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of this show!  

I’ll just end with this, if you’ve never heard of this show I’m here to say this is a show worth knowing about if you are a fan of Jonathan Larson’s work, if you like the theater, and if you enjoy truly amazingly written songs.

*tick, tick… BOOM! is set to make its film premiere sometime in 2021 on Netflix*

There are so many more upcoming Broadway show film adaptations set to premiere in 2021 besides that of Dear Evan Hansen and tick, tick… BOOM!.  But since I tend to write a lot when I blog I thought I’d just talk about those two film adaptations here today in this article.

Before I go though, here are some more upcoming Broadway show film adaptations to look forward to this year:

– In The Heights – June 2021

– Cinderella – July 2021

– West Side Story – December 2021

I miss the theater and Broadway more than anything, and even though a film adaptation of a Broadway show will never be the same as seeing a show live in person it’s something to hold us Theater Nerds over until Broadway returns.  And there are a lot of great Broadway show film adaptations coming out this year, so at least there’s that!

As always, thanks so much for reading!  Until next time Theater Nerds!

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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