“What’s That? A New TV Show?” Why This TV Nerd Is Behind On So Many TV Shows


Today there are literally hundreds of TV shows on television at any given moment.  On most Fridays on Netflix you can expect a new series to premiere or a returning series to return for a new season.  With so many new TV series premiering basically weekly now this TV Nerd goes back and forth between wondering…  “Should I check out a new show, or tune into a returning show’s new season?”

In the last few years instead of catching up on a show that I have already watched many seasons of and know it’s a show I like, I’ll instead choose to tune into a new series.  I’ll think to myself “Catch up on this show!  Watch that new show later!”  Most of the time though, I’ll end up wanting to watch that new show that everyone is talking about instead of tuning into a show that I am years behind on.  This is why I am behind on watching the last season of many TV shows that are no longer on the air.

I finally watched the final season of iZombie last Spring.  iZombie was one of my favorite shows, and yet I took over a year to finally get around to watching the show’s final season.  Sometimes I think I’ll choose to tune into a new TV show instead of watching a returning show’s last season because if it’s a show I really like it’s almost as though you don’t want the story to be over.  Plus, there’s the series finale, will it be good or a let down?

There’s not one, but several TV shows I am behind on these days because I’ll choose to watch a new show over a returning show.  When trying to decide on what TV show to watch it’s sometimes hard not to want to check out a new series rather than returning to a series I have seen a few seasons of that is still or not still on the air.

There’s always more buzz around the first season of a new series.  Yet another reason why it’s so easy to want to tune into a new series rather than catch up on a series that’s not new a lot of the time.

This year, I hope to catch up on those TV shows that I’ve fallen behind on.  Catch up on TV shows that are not new.  It’s very easy to forget how much you like a show when it’s been awhile since you’ve watched that show.  But then again who knows?  Because, of course, there will always be a new show on TV that is supposed to be just amazing, and it’ll once again be that question of what TV show should I watch, what TV show should I watch?

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Author: Jodi Fisher

Hello, everyone out there in the land of blogs! My name is Jodi Fisher. A hopefully interesting yet quiet gal who wishes she could afford to live in the Big Apple. Some of you out there may be wondering why I decided to start a blog. There are so many blogs out there, that I didn’t think it was worth it for something nobody might even read. Although, with this new year I decided why not? So here I finally am with my own blog. So what is my blog all about? Well, as I previously have mentioned I am a fan of all things entertainment. Television, theater, and books are my very favorites out of pop culture. There is a chance if you were to ask me about a random television show or stage play, I will probably know if it’s worth viewing. I am also someone who loves nostalgia and remembering the better times from my past. I usually like to incorporate my love of entertainment and nostalgia together, when I wrote my blog posts. Along with my fondness of entertainment, I am someone, who tries to notice the simple things in life. So in ending this little tidbit about who I am, my goal in starting this blog is to just simply be me and write about things that I find interesting and entertaining.

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