What To Read? My Reading Goals For 2021


In the past, when it came to deciding on what books I wanted to read I would pick a book based on if I was in the mood to read that book.  I’ve never made a list of books I wanted to read for a year before because I’d usually end up changing my mind on what I wanted to read by the time I was finished reading the book I was currently reading.  But this year, I wanted to change that.  And so here’s something I’d never thought I’d say, this year I’m making a list of books I want to read for the year.

In a previous article, I mentioned how in 2020 I only read two books.  I read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.  Last year I didn’t end up reading that many books.  So this year I made a reading goal for myself.  This year I hope to read at least one book a month.  I have no idea if I’ll achieve this reading goal, but I’m definitely going to give it a try.

I used to read much more when I was younger.  Granted the books weren’t as long as the books I read now are, but it reminded me how much I liked to read.  And so, here I am years later hoping to pick up reading books again on a more regular basis.

One reading goal I do try to stick to every year is to read books that have not been adapted or are going to be adapted.  I usually tend to want to read books that are adapted first because I like to see if the adaptation lives up to the book, you know.  But because of this I usually put books I want to read that aren’t adapted or are going to be adapted further to the side.  Last year, I didn’t end up meeting this reading goal as both of the books I read were adapted into a TV show and a movie. 

I haven’t made my reading list for the year yet.  I am still deciding on what books I want to read, but I definitely hope to read Normal People by Sally Rooney this year.  I’ve heard such good things about the book, and the TV adaptation looks very promising.

I’ve never felt confident in previous years that I could stick to a reading list.  Let alone read one book every month, but with this new year I am finally going to give reading more a try.

Before I go, here are a few of my favorite books if you’re looking for a book to read:

– Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler – a great read about making mistakes, taking risks, and learning about yourself along the way. 

A TV adaptation of the book was made by Starz where the show ran for two seasons on the network.

– YOU by Caroline Kepnes – the most twisted read about boy meets girl, and how not all appears as it seems. 

The TV adaptation of the book made its premiere first on Lifetime before transferring to Netflix where it has since become one of the streaming services most watched and talked about series.

– Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng- a heartbreaking story about life, loss, and family. 

Originally the book was going to be adapted into a film, but those plans have since changed.  The book is instead going to be adapted into a limited series for television.

Thanks so much for reading!

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hello, everyone out there in the land of blogs! My name is Jodi Fisher. A hopefully interesting yet quiet gal who wishes she could afford to live in the Big Apple. Some of you out there may be wondering why I decided to start a blog. There are so many blogs out there, that I didn’t think it was worth it for something nobody might even read. Although, with this new year I decided why not? So here I finally am with my own blog. So what is my blog all about? Well, as I previously have mentioned I am a fan of all things entertainment. Television, theater, and books are my very favorites out of pop culture. There is a chance if you were to ask me about a random television show or stage play, I will probably know if it’s worth viewing. I am also someone who loves nostalgia and remembering the better times from my past. I usually like to incorporate my love of entertainment and nostalgia together, when I wrote my blog posts. Along with my fondness of entertainment, I am someone, who tries to notice the simple things in life. So in ending this little tidbit about who I am, my goal in starting this blog is to just simply be me and write about things that I find interesting and entertaining.

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