Random Thoughts About Pop Culture On A Friday…


Hello again, and welcome back to my weekly column series on my blog where I talk about all things in pop culture.

This week I will be talking about: The TV Show Riverdale

Riverdale is one of my favorite series currently on the air.  And even though the show hasn’t had a perfect season every season (oh, Season 2), the show is still one of my favorite shows.

When it comes to a new season for a series I rather not know much about the season before it begins to air.  Although, there are a few things I do know about the newest season of Riverdale that are spoiler free.

Spoiler Free Info About Season 5 Of Riverdale

1. When production on Season 4 of Riverdale had to shut down last Spring, the show was only a few episodes away from filming the remainder of the season.  The season finale for Season 4 isn’t actually the last episode of the season.  The remaining episodes of Season 4 that weren’t filmed last year were eventually filmed, and will be the first few episodes of Season 5.

2. The actor who plays Jughead’s Dad (played by Skeet Ulrich) decided towards the end of Season 4 last year that he was ready to move on to other projects.  I’m not sure if this means Ulrich will or will not appear in any of the episodes that are a part of the remainder of Season 4 (the first few episodes of Season 5).

3. And last, but certainly not least, after the episodes for the Season 4 storyline air, Season 5 will then go into a time jump!  Once Season 5 begins, the show will go seven years into the future.

I can’t wait for the second storyline of Season 4 to be answered.  I liked Season 4 overall, but the first half of the season’s storyline felt a bit predictable.  Whereas, the second half of the season’s storyline is very much still a mystery.

What interests me most about Season 5 is the time jump.  A time jump on a show is always fun.  It can reinvent a series, introduce new characters, and can make a show feel new after several seasons on the air.

The new season of Riverdale will begin on the CW on January 20th at 8pm.  And if you haven’t tuned into this TV gem yet, Netflix has every season of the show.  The new season though (Season 5) will not be up on Netflix until a week after the season finale.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s column about all things in pop culture!

Thanks so much for reading!

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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