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Hello again, and welcome back to my weekly column series on my blog where I talk about all things in pop culture!

This week I will be talking about: Television 

This year there were two separate streaming services, HBO Max and NBC Peacock TV, that did something quite unexpected.  These two streaming services made their television premieres without having a deal with Roku first.  When I first heard about this I was kind of shocked.  When it comes to streaming services a good chunk of most watch on that of a Roku.  I know there’s probably a lot that goes into a deal between a streaming service and Roku, but I would think that if you’re going to put out a streaming service that you’d want it to be on the most popular platform available vs not having it on the most popular platform.

NBC Peacock TV premiered in July of 2020.  At this time, the streaming service was available on some devices, but not on Roku.  Then in September of 2020, about two months after its premiere, NBC Peacock TV became available on Roku.  And then last week, HBO Max was finally made available for Roku, almost six months after its premiere.  I’m not sure what the hold up was between these two streaming services and Roku to make a deal, but both are now available on Roku, so whatever I guess.

There is so much competition these days between streaming services.  And because this has become such a competitive field it will always be surprising how a streaming service would make its premiere without having a deal to be on a platform like Roku first.  NBC Peacock TV and Roku made a deal about two months after the streaming service’s premiere, but a deal between HBO Max and Roku took almost half a year to make happen.  After almost six months of no deal between HBO Max and Roku, I really did think a deal between the two companies was just not going to happen.  But it did, so yeah!

It will always be confusing why HBO Max and NBC Peacock TV didn’t have a deal in place with Roku before the premiere of their streaming services.  All in all, it wasn’t a big deal that these two streaming services weren’t initially available on Roku, where most watch television these days.  During the time when HBO Max and NBC Peacock TV didn’t have a deal with Roku, there was still a ton of television to watch on other streaming services and network and cable TV.  So, not a big deal, just confusing, so confusing.  But I have to say, my TV Nerd self is overjoyed that both are now (finally!) available on Roku.  

Hope you enjoyed my weekly column this week about all things in pop culture!

Thanks so much for reading!

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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