Daylight Savings Time Has Returned, But Then Again It Kind Of Never Really Left…


It’s cold outside.  Pumpkin scented anything is everywhere from coffee to donuts.  Seasonal decorations are up.  That could only mean one thing.  The season of Fall is here!  There’s much to appreciate about this time of year during the season of Fall.  It’s the season where the leaves on the trees change to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.  It’s the season of Halloween.  It’s the season where there’s a bit of a chill in the air where it’s cold but not too cold out.  It’s the season of Thanksgiving.  There’s much to appreciate about this time of year, indeed.  Although, when the season of Fall arrives what returns along with it is, of course, the dreaded Daylight Savings Time!

I don’t care for Daylight Savings Time.  Half the day is ruined because by the hour of 4 o’clock it feels outside as though it is already the middle of the night.  It’s very much like, “Ugh!  What!?!?!?!”  Then again, this is how I feel each and every single year when Daylight Savings Time returns back into my life.  Although, this year I find myself really not caring at all that Daylight Savings Time has returned itself back into town.  And the reason for that is, it feels as though Daylight Savings Time never really left this year.

Every Fall and every Winter, I hold onto knowing that after these seasons are over that the seasons of Spring and Summer will return again afterwards.  I remind myself during the cold months of Fall and Winter that in just a few short months there will be warmth and sunshine in the air again.  It’s this reminder that helps me get through this time of the year.

The seasons of Spring and Summer have come to mean everything to me.  I count on this time of the year to get me through the rest of the year.  I always feel a sense of hope and happiness when these seasons arrive.  There’s a change in my attitude.  I feel better.   I feel happy.  It’s amazing how the weather changing from cold to warm can just make life feel okay.  There’s a calmness to this time of the year that I’ve come to really appreciate and be thankful for.

The Spring and Summer months have a way of healing my sadness.  During the last few years, the seasons of Spring and Summer have helped tremendously with my depression.  I still feel sadness during this time of the year, but when I look outside and see a nice Spring or Summer day where the weather is just so nice out that sadness has a way of disappearing ever so slightly.  My sadness and depression get shaken off a bit every day during the months of Spring and Summer because there’s swimming, and fun in the sun at the beach.  The days of Spring and Summer are not just seasons of the year to me, they are a gift.  A gift of feeling better.  

This past Spring and Summer though, that sadness that I normally could shake off for a few hours every day with a swim at the pool or the beach stayed.  During the warm days, weeks, and months of Spring and Summer it felt as though it was still the cold months of Fall and Winter outside.  Despite the sun still shining up in the blue sky during the early night hours and the warm weather in the air, I found myself feeling every day throughout this past Spring and Summer as though it was the middle of Winter where the moon was already up in the night sky.

Every year when Daylight Savings Time returns I dread it.  Although, this year it felt as though it never left.  Those months of Spring and Summer that I look forward to every year never came this year.  The months where life feels better just by a bit of warmth and sunshine never came this year either.

On extremely cold days during the Fall and Winter months the ocean is still, quiet, and calm.  On these cold days, there’s not a wave in sight.  As the months of Winter end and Spring returns, the weather changes from cold to warm.  When the weather changes to a warmer climate the ocean is loud with waves crashing up and down every other moment.  It’s as though the ocean’s energy and joy leaves during the cold months of Fall and Winter, and when the seasons of Spring and Summer return its energy and joy returns to itself again.  That’s how I also feel.  I feel in the Fall and Winter months like a lesser version of myself.  I don’t feel as happy or hopeful or joyful.  And then when the months of Spring and Summer arrive, I feel myself return to myself again. 

During this time of year, every year, I always get a bit of seasonal depression.  And that’s thanks to Daylight Savings Time taking away most of the day outside so early in the Fall and Winter months.  This year, I’ve had seasonal depression pretty much all year.  That’s why when Daylight Savings Time returned this year it was very much like, “Yeah.  Whatever.  And?”

Daylight Savings Time is meant to only occur during the months of Fall and Winter.  This year was different.  Daylight Savings Time never left.  All I have these days now is holding onto the hope that there will be a time in life again when Daylight Savings Time takes place in only the seasons of Fall and Winter versus all year long.

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

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