The 2020 Emmy Nominations for Best Comedy Series…


In this article, I will be discussing what television series received a nomination in the comedy category for this year’s Emmy Awards.  And the nominees are…


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Dead to Me


Schitt’s Creek

The Good Place

The Kominsky Method

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

What We Do In The Shadows


The only shows that I am not fully caught up on here are The Kominsky Method and the current season in which The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is nominated for.  Therefore, when making my prediction for this category I won’t be including those shows just based on I haven’t watched the seasons in which these series’ have been nominated for.  I know, TV Nerd Fail.

This is a tough category just because all the series that are nominated here, that I have seen, had really good seasons.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – is one of the best shows on television.  In Season 10, Curb Your Enthusiasm continued to be a series that’s over the top, ridiculous, and will make you say “What?!” and laugh at the same time.  There’s not much else to say here about this series except that it’s worth watching and it will make you laugh.

Dead to Me – is a great series that recently entered its second season.  There’s a reason why this show is one everyone is talking about.  The series is very much like a roller coaster, where the story never takes a moment to rest.  It keeps going and going and going at full speed.  The show’s second season once again delivered, where it continued to tackle the impact that grief can have on someone.  Season 2 consisted of even more twists and turns.  It’s a show that continues to surprise you within every single episode.  The show works really well between being both a comedy and a thriller.  A television show that is both a comedy and an edge of your seat thriller, is the kind of series that you don’t see on a television a lot.  Yet, another reason why Dead to Me is a stand out of the tv airwaves.

Insecure – has become one of my favorite series of the last few years.  I was disappointed when Season 3 of the show didn’t receive an Emmy nomination, especially since it was such a good season.  To say the least, very happy the show received an Emmy nomination this year.  The show really started to become one of my favorites when Season 3 dealt with the issue of “ghosting”.  The Season 3 storyline that involved “ghosting” was fully explained this year in Season 4, and it was completely understandable why that took place.  Season 4 of Insecure dealt with Issa starting her own business, reconnecting with past loves, and the falling out of her friendship with her best friend Molly.  Throughout everything in her life, Issa’s friendships were that one constant thing she could always count on.  The falling out of their friendship was a major storyline this season, as both entered new phases of their lives.  Issa with her career, and Molly with a new relationship.  The season explored do they still have a place for one another in their lives, or have they outgrown one another?

Schitt’s Creek – was just a gem of a series.  It took a few seasons for the show to finally get recognized by the Emmys, but it finally did, so yeah!  Thanks to word of mouth, Schitt’s Creek soon became that show that everyone was talking about.  It’s a show that’s been worth watching all these years because of its smarts, wits, humor, and heart.  Schitt’s Creek was a series that stood out because of its charm and uniqueness.  The writing and acting on this series also makes this show a serious contender to win in this category.  Season 6 marked the series last season on television this year.  It was a sweet season that left on an encouraging and inspiring note of hope and happiness.  The series started in a place of distress for the main characters as they lost everything they considered to hold value to in their lives.  Season after season, the characters evolved and continued to grow.  Schitt’s Creek was a series with charm, heart, humor, and the message of how times can get tough but it’s always a little less difficult with family and friends by your side.

The Good Place – I’m gonna need a minute.  Okay.  I loved this show more than words can say, but I’ll try.  This show was another gem that entered its final season on television this year.  It was a half hour existential comedy series that explored life’s biggest questions and wonders.  In its final season, the series explored the question of “If you got everything you ever wanted, would you continue to be happy and feel fulfilled?  Or does getting everything you ever wanted make you feel less fulfilled and less happy?”.  The final season showed the crew finally *spoiler* making it to “The Good Place”.  The journey of the characters making it from “The Bad Place” to “The Good Place” took four seasons.  Within that time, the characters grew and learned what they wanted out of their lives.  They realized shortly after arriving at “The Good Place” that nothing in the afterlife would ever have meaning if it lasted forever, such as with real life.  They all come to the conclusion that when they feel they’ve lived all they’ve had to live in “The Good Place” that they would leave when they felt it was time.  *end of spoiler*  It was a sad and tearful ending.  It was an ending to a series that stays with you, and one you will remember years from now as one of the best.  The Good Place was a truly funny, heartfelt and remarkably well written series about how life can be confusing, difficult, sad, happy, fun, and lonely, but also it can have meaning and be special and wonderful.  The Good Place showed how life is a series of ups and downs.  How you can always learn and grow.  How one day may be bad but the next may be great.  How life is what you make it, so only do what makes you happy.

What We Do In The Shadows – is a fantastic series.  In its second season, the series once again dealt with the ins and outs of being a vampire living in the world today.  All of which is being filmed by a crew for a documentary.  There’s a charm to this series that when watching it you can’t help but laugh.  With Season 1 being overlooked by the Emmys, I’m very happy to see Season 2 receive a nomination.  At the end of it, this is a great series that continues to deliver great material within every single episode.

What Show I Think Will Win Best Comedy Series:

This is tough.  I really think this year’s competition is between Schitt’s Creek and The Good Place.  Seeing how both series ended this year with really great finales after seasons of quality programming, these two shows are the ones that are on the top of my list to win best comedy for a television series this year at the Emmy Awards.  But if I had to choose only one show, I’m going to say The Good Place for the win.

Okay, so there are my thoughts on this year’s Emmy nominated comedy series (that I have watched), as well as my top pick for what show I think will take home the Emmy Award at tonight’s show.

There are obviously more categories in the Emmy Awards besides that of Best Comedy Series, but I began writing this article a little too late to talk about the other nominated categories.  TV Nerd Fail.  Oh well.

The Emmy Awards are on ABC tonight!

I hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks so much for reading.


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