Top 10 Best TV Series of 2019… Part 2

In my last article I discussed the first five out of the ten television series that I considered to be the best of 2019.  In Part 2 of this article series, I will be revealing the remaining five television series that were my favorites of the year.

Without any further ado, the top five television series of the year (in my opinion)…

#5. Succession20181226_010155 (2)

If you haven’t watched Succession on HBO by now I really must question if you even like TV.  Look at me with the jokes.  Out of all the TV Series that I have chosen as the top series of 2019 Succession is the only series that not only made my list for top shows of this very year but also for last year’s top shows as well.  As Brennan from Stepbrothers would say, “It’s that good!”.

To say the least, a lot took place within the final moments of the Season 1 Finale.  Since I’m keeping this spoiler free I won’t be talking details of Season 2. Except to say that it was an amazing season.  And as a result of the events that took place in the Season 1 Finale, the direction of the show shifted completely in the show’s second season.

With Logan back at the helm, Season 2 showed the dynamics of how the Roy family is when he’s the one in charge.  There’s always been that wonder of if Logan actually does care for his family or not.  One moment he’ll seem to be genuine and sincere.  Only to do something the next moment that makes one wonder if he really was being kind or was that kindness just simply put on as a disguise for him to get what he wants.  Season 2 had many moments of what initially seemed to be a caring Logan, only to later question his motives for appearing in that manner.

As with the finale of the first season, there was a shocker of a twist that I completely didn’t see coming in the season finale of the second season.  It appeared as though everything was going to go one way, and then moments before the end of the episode something major happened!  It was like an ocean wave that caught you off guard.  The whole season pretty much went at the same pace, going in one direction.  And then the finale came.  The finale changed everything.  It was shocking!  It was surprising!  It was a game changer!  To say the least, the latest finale will once again change the direction of where this series will be going in Season 3.  And I for one, can not wait!

#4. AP BioIMG_20191227_174546

AP Bio starred Glenn Howerton (of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame).  The premise for AP Bio was this: Jack (basically Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) moved back to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio to teach (not teach) AP Bio.

On the series his character never actually taught anything, but somehow continued to keep his job as a teacher.  He’d always up to some scheme, and have his students help him think of ways to succeed at these schemes of his.  His students would be like “Can we just learn science?!”.  And he’d be all like “Yeah.  No.”.

It was a ridiculous series.  And sure, the premise wasn’t at all realistic.  A teacher who doesn’t teach, but continues to go on keeping his job.  But hey, it’s a comedy.  So who cares about what’s realistic or not.  I just want to laugh.  And AP Bio did just that.

You may have noticed how I have been talking about this series in the past tense.  Well, there’s a reason for that.  Despite its brilliance, AP Bio was one of those TV Gems that went under the radar.  And to that I say “HOW DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN?!?!?!?!”.  I mean, like seriously though.  Oh, right.  Me remembering how there’s like a billion and one shows on television now and because of that some amazingly great shows just unfortunately go under the radar.  And AP Bio was one of those great and amazing series that went unnoticed.  Going under the radar.  Which then resulted in the series ultimately getting cancelled by NBC after two simply divine perfect seasons on the air.

I was devastated when I heard the news of this series cancellation.  Bummed.  Saddened.  Thoughts of “BUT WHY?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”.  Many series get cancelled every year, but this was a series where upon hearing of its cancellation actually made me sad.  It was simply that good.

And then a TV Miracle happened, if you will.  After NBC announced the series cancellation, they reversed their decision.  AP Bio will indeed be getting a third season.  The series will be transferring to NBC’s Streaming Service of “Peacock”.  Am I annoyed that this series is transferring to a Streaming Service that I don’t have?  Yes!  Simply put, I already have 3 Streaming Services and to get another one would be simply too expensive!  But at the end of the day, I can always get the show on Amazon when the season is complete.

All in all, I am overjoyed that AP Bio was saved by another network.  And sure, while I’m not jumping for joy for that I will have to wait until Season 3 is completely over and done with to watch it on Amazon, it’s a small price to pay (or wait I should say) for this series to get another go around on TV.  I am just happy that NBC saw the error of their ways of how this is too good of a series to just drop and let go.

#3. Russian Doll20190315_191447

Brilliant!  Existential!  Amazing!  Heartfelt!  Thought Provoking!  Genius!  These are just some of the adjectives that I’d use to describe the Netflix Series Russian Doll.  For those who enjoy TV Series with an existential flare than this is a series you will want to check out.  The series is about how it’s hard to get past or over some moments in our lives.  How we, ourselves, might be in our own way of moving past our past.

When it comes to getting past something, everyone has their own ways of coping or not coping.  Some talk about how they’re feeling.  While others keep what they’re feeling only to themselves.  In Russian Doll, the series explores the effects of what holding on to those unkind moments from one’s life can do to someone.  How these moments can define us, transform us, if we let them.  When one avoids confronting the past, continuing to hold on to it, how that itself can have a real impact on one’s health, life, state of mind and overall existence in the world.  And by keeping what one is feeling to only oneself alone, how that can eat away at someone bit by bit until it consumes them completely.  And how only after confronting that moment from one’s past is when the healing process of moving on can truly begin.

The story was told in an unusual, but effective way.  The show’s story unfolded alongside that of a “Groundhog Day Like Concept”.  Basically, every episode started in exactly the same manner.  One could also say that the manner of every episode repeating can also be compared to that of an actual Russian Doll figure.  While it may seem as though it’s the same moment repeating (such as the same image of a Russian Doll appearing but in a different size), it’s not exactly quite the same.  For with every moment that’s seeming to repeat, the characters in the story are changing ever so slightly within every repeat occurrence.

Overall, Russian Doll is a fantastic new and original series that came out in 2019.  It is a series that this TV Nerd highly recommends!  From its story, to the performances, to that song!, Russian Doll is a show that continues to stay with you long after watching it.

#2. What We Do In The ShadowsIMG_20191227_174943

Adapted from the popular film of the same name, What We Do In The Shadows on FX was a delightful new edition to the television landscape this year.  The series follows a group of vampires who live in a large mansion in Long Island, New York in 2019.  They are being filmed for a documentary about what it’s like to be a vampire.

I never saw the film, so I have no idea how similar the series is to it.  But from what I gather, I wouldn’t say that this is a series adaptation where a viewing of the film is essential to understanding the show’s story.  There is a new cast of characters in the series that are being portrayed by a fantastic group of performers.  The performers on this show are absolutely hysterical!  Casting is key for any show.  And the casting that was done for this series was spot on perfect!

The series is filmed as a mockumentary.  Think “The Office, Parks and Recreation”.  The series is filmed in a very similar manner to those NBC comedy gems.  Such as looks/glances directly to the camera, along with solo interviews with all the characters where they are talking about their feelings.

My favorite part of the series is when the vampires are in their human vampire form and want to turn into a bat.  They are doing whatever, and then all of a sudden they shout “Bat!”.  And poof they are instantly transformed into a bat.  It’s so funny and clever.  These moments happen on the show quite a lot, and it is funny every single time.

For those of you who are fans of the film (along with other famous vampire related films/tv series), there is an episode that does connect to the film.  I won’t give away details of this episode, except to say that it was brilliant.  And the episode was so big that there was a stand alone article featured in the New York Post just about this very episode.

Basically, if you like to laugh What We Do In The Shadows is a show you should watch.  It’s quirky, funny, and exactly how a comedy should be done.  If the upcoming new season is anything like the first, we are all in for a hilariously funny treat!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

My Favorite Series of 2019…

Drum Roll Please!

#1. The Masked SingerIMG_20191227_175231

I know what you’re thinking (well, maybe).  In a sea of scripted drama and comedy series what a twist it is that this TV Nerd picked a singing competition reality series as the best television series of the year.  But there’s a reason for why I picked The Masked Singer on FOX as the best show of 2019.  And that reason is….. IT’S SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!

The first season of this series premiered back in January.  When I first heard of the show it sounded like a really bad cheesy reality show.  Specifically the bad and cheesy kind of reality show that would have played on FOX back in the early 2000s.  When it comes to reality television I mostly watch Bravo, MTV, The Bachelor Franchise.  Okay, I watch a lot of Reality TV.  When my brain needs a rest I turn to Reality TV.  It’s ridiculous television, but it calms the mind when the world gets to be a bit much.  Although, when I heard of The Masked Singer I didn’t think anything of the series.  Not for a second did I actually think I would ever end up watching this singing competition reality series.  Nope, not a chance!

Then I watched an episode.  And my mind completely changed!  It’s actually an amazing series!  It is cheesy?  Yup!  Is it ridiculous?  Heck Yeah!  But it’s supposed to be.  The show is not suppose to be taken seriously.  It’s fully aware of the cheese and embraces it.

Nick Cannon is perfect as the host of the series.  The show’s judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger are all so perfect and funny with their commentary of who could be who on the show.  Their guesses at times are a bit far fetched, making one watching the show say “There’s no way that person would be on the show!”.  But it’s entertaining nonetheless.

The Masked Singer is a television show that I am grateful for.  Grateful might sounded like a ridiculous word for my love of this silly show, but I am.  It’s a show that makes me laugh.  A show that I look forward to.  A show on TV that truly is the definition of happiness.

When it came time to putting together what I thought was the best of the best for the year of 2019 in television, there was no doubt in my mind that The Masked Singer was going to be my #1 Top TV Series of 2019.  The Masked Singer is just simply a delight!  For an hour every week one can flip on the TV and watch celebrities dressed in ridiculous outfits sing their hearts out.  The Masked Singer is amazing!  It’s perfection!  It’s ridiculous!  It’s funny!  And it is this TV Nerd’s absolute Favorite TV Series of 2019 completely!

Well, that’s all folks!  Thanks so much for reading this TV Nerd’s thoughts on what TV Series I considered to be the best of 2019.  It hurt my TV Nerd heart not to include more amazing television series in these two articles because there were a lot of great shows in 2019 besides the ones I mentioned.  At the end of the day, I said I was only going to highlight what TV Series I thought were the Top 10 Best TV Series of 2019 and I did just that.

Thanks so much again for reading!  2019 isn’t over just yet, so there’s still some time to check out these amazing series and see why I picked these series as the best shows of the year.  Until next time TV Nerds!

Now that you’ve read my thoughts on what shows I thought were the best of 2019, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

-What TV Series were your favorites of 2019?

-Were there any TV Series that premiered in 2019 that became new TV Favorites for you?  If so, what TV Series?


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