TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale


* Before getting into my review on the series Riverdale, let me first say this.  For those of you folks who have tuned into this gal’s articles before, you know one thing about me.  When reviewing my thoughts on this or that, I’ve been known to go slightly off topic at times, and ramble here and there on other matters besides that of the main point and focus of my articles. Fast forward to now.  In this very article here I will be reviewing my thoughts on the TV Series Riverdale.  Along with my thoughts on Riverdale, I will also be discussing my thoughts on a few other TV related topics.  Such as shorter vs. longer seasons for a TV Series, along with why watching a TV Series once it has completed its run can be a better way to watch a show.  I promise these two extra talking points will makes sense and fit in along side the main focus of this review about the series of Riverdale.  Also, within this article there will be *SPOILERS* popping up from time to time.  Now that all that has been established, here is my review of the TV Series Riverdale. *

Riverdale…..  Oh so many thoughts on this very much buzzed about series of the last few years.  My first thought being that… I flipping love this show!  Even despite the series overall somewhat uneven run.  I’ll get to my thoughts on that in a minute.

Riverdale is a show that has managed to keep an audience, and be intriguing enough for viewers to want to know “what’s gonna happen next”.  Whether it be with viewers who are tuning in to watching the series on a weekly basis when episodes are currently airing on TV, or for viewers who would rather do a binge watch on Netflix later on when the season is fully over and complete.  Being the TV Nerd that I am, I thought that it was about time that I just go ahead and dedicate a stand alone article solely to this very much buzzed about series on my blog already!

IMG_20190705_175547In this article I will be talking about the complete series of Riverdale as a whole up to this point.  The TV Show is based on the widely known popular comics series of “Archie Comics”.  Although, the tone and feel of the TV Series has that of a much darker vibe than the comic series.  The TV Series began its run on the CW about three years ago now.  I remember after seeing the official trailer for the series immediately knowing that this was a show that I was most definitely going to be tuning into.  Thoughts of “Looks Amazing!” came to mind after seeing the official trailer.  Did the expectations from the trailer live up to the series, one may ask?  YUP!  It was pure perfection!  For a new series just starting out, you couldn’t have gotten a much better first season than that first season that Riverdale had.

I’d like to describe that first season of Riverdale as Gossip Girl (Xoxo Gossip Girl… Sorry it had to be said) meets Twin Peaks.  I say Gossip Girl because of the “so, so, so much drama” aspect of the series.  And I say Twin Peaks because there are a lot of similarities between that series and Riverdale.

Although, not the part of Twin Peaks that makes one say, “Like…. Seriously, what the flipping flip is going on?!”.  When I refer to the Twin Peaks series in reference to that of Riverdale, I mean the stylized format and overall tone of the series.  The look and tone of Riverdale has that same kind of feel to it that the original Twin Peaks series had (Although, definitely not the revival of Twin Peaks…. Oh, the disappointment on that one…. Anyways, back to Riverdale).  From the way both of the series are filmed within that of a similar style, to that somewhat of an eerie feeling that both of the towns have, to that small town feel of where everyone knows everyone else’s business, to how everything seems perfect in these quaint little towns at first glance, but not everything is as it may seem, asIMG_20190708_175248 well as both series involving a tragic death that starts off the shows.  All of these very factors just mentioned up above are why Riverdale and Twin Peaks are very similar to one another.  Riverdale is very much its own series, don’t get me wrong.  It’s clear though, to see that other series helped inspired the show to become what it is.  And here’s a “Fun TV Fact” for you fellow TV Nerds, the actress who plays Betty’s Mom on Riverdale “Alice” (Madchen Amick), was also on the original Twin Peaks series!  She also appeared on the revival of the series when it returned to TV on Showtime a few years ago, as well.  TV Fun Facts, gotta love them!

What Happened To Jason Blossom?

Now on to what Season 1 actually dealt with.  The first season of Riverdale was about the people of the town finding out what exactly lead to the tragic death of Jason Blossom.  The first season consisted of just 13 episodes, and it didn’t premiere until mid- season on the Network of the CW.  With a story line such as that one, that amount of episodes was exactly the perfect amount for that season.  Every episode served a purpose.  There were no fillers episodes within that first season that didn’t work around the main story of that season.  That main story being “What Happened to Jason Blossom?”.  As the season started to unfold, episode by episode Archie and friends would get one step closer to uncovering what exactly is was that lead to the tragic death of Jason Blossom.

Along with uncovering the mystery of what happened to Jason Blossom, viewers were also introduced as well to the people who lived in the town of Riverdale.  And how in this small town called Riverdale, not everything is as perfect and together as it may seem.  The first season overall, primarily dealt with solving what mysterious circumstances lead to Jason Blossom’s death.  The first season was very much one that involved mystery, intrigue, a whole lot of suspense, along with interesting characters to keep viewers continuing to want to tune in week after week.

See, even Betty wasn’t feeling Season 2

As I’m sure it’s completely obvious by this point to see that I am a total fan of that first season of Riverdale.  And then Season 2 happened and….let’s just say that next season wasn’t quite that pitch perfect season that the previous season was.  That sometimes will just happen with a new series.  Where that first season was very well received, receiving lots of positive feedback from viewers and from critics as being “OMG!  AMAZING!!!!!  A Must Watch!!!!”.  And then with the second season, reactions are the complete opposite of positive, and are more along the lines of “Uh……  What Happened?!?!”.  Many series have fallen into this type of situation, where the first season was engaging and on point, and the second season just falls flat.  Season 2 of Riverdale was a bit of frustration for many of its fans.  The season overall was just not strong.  The material for its many story lines were just not there, being quite the let down for fans.

So why exactly was Season 2 just “eh”?  There are many possible reasons for why Season 2 just didn’t work.  Some might make the argument that you could chalk it up to the series just having a lot of expectations on it for its next season.  Seeing how the first season was perfect, that it would possibly not have mattered what the writers came up with next, because it simply would never be able to compare with the first season.

Feelings on Season 2

Although, I don’t really think Season 2 was bad because of “high expectations” that the show might have had on it.  If I’m being real here, that second season was just simply “okay”.  After the first season started airing, Riverdale became a go-to series for me to recommend to others.  So factoring in now my thoughts on Season 2, you might be wondering about now if Riverdale is any longer a show that I would still recommend?  And my answer to that question is…..  Yes!  It is completely still a series worthy of a recommendation, but I would add a fair amount of warning for how there might be some disappointment during that watch of the second season.

Feelings on Season 3

So yeah, Season 2 in a nutshell was a disappointment.  But if you prefer watching your TV Shows in order, and knowing everything going on within the series, you’ll need to watch that Season 2 of Riverdale to get to the next season (you know, so everything makes sense).  And Season 3 is indeed worth watching (more on that later)!

In another article on my blog I talked about what I thought the problems of Season 2 were, and a big part of why I didn’t think the season worked was because of one very factor.  That factor being that too many episodes were made.  Season 2 was nearly doubled in size in its episode count compared to the show’s first season.  A series being granted more episodes in its second season compared to what to it received in its first season, is not an uncommon occurrence.  Especially for a series that has become successful during its first season.

Whenever a new series starts and is very talked about, along with racking in those ratings, that’s when the Network will step in and give that series a larger episode order, sometimes.  With the landscape of television changing in the last few years or so, it’s becoming more and more clear these days to Networks that a larger episode order for a series isn’t always a “must do” anymore.  Networks are seeing that more episodes don’t  always mean better material for its series.  A story for a show’s season might get lost by having too many episodes.  Less episodes for a series is not always a bad thing.  It’s actually a better way to tell a story, and have that story remain intact.  Whereas a story for a season on a series which had five more episodes than were really needed, will end up being a season with a story that will have the feel of being just all over the place.  Those extra episodes might actually end up hurting the creativity for a series, with not helping in the least to enhance or further the story, but just unnecessarily prolonging it.

It’s understandable why any Network would want to make as many episodes of a popular series as they possible can.  But at the same time the story for a series season might get lost in translation after 20 or so episodes.  Hence, more episodes will equal in having unnecessary story lines within a season.  Unnecessary story lines that were simply made in order to fill in the episode order from the Network.  Whereas, less episodes will mostly likely mean a story which doesn’t have to deal with any of that, and instead be able to focus on just one story, instead of many.

IMG_20190708_171905A few years ago when the series “Revenge” was still on the air, the creator of the show wanted to go down in the number of episodes per season for the series.  If some of you fellow TV Nerds may recall, the first season of Revenge was a smash hit.  Then Season 2 happened.  That is when the series took a bit of a turn creatively, some might say.  During Season 2, those high ratings that the series once had started to diminish, along with the fans of the series no longer singing its praises as being “Must Watch TV” any longer.  The show had lost its edge and that buzz that it initially had had.  And as it has happened to many series before it, Revenge fell in to that cycle of having a bad second season after an amazing first season.

Long story short, the network didn’t go the way of giving the series a lesser episode order for the next season, or the next one after that.  After Season 2 wrapped up, came then the news that Mike Kelley, the Creator, Executive Producer, and Showrunner of the series, had decided to step down as Showrunner of the series.  Two seasons later Revenge ended, after having a four seasons run on the ABC Network.

IMG_20190710_045623I know a lot of people stopped tuning in to Revenge after that second season of the series.  I actually missed this series run during its time when it was on TV.  I caught up on the show later on when it was on Netflix (which it no longer is, it has since transferred to Hulu).  Regardless of the fact that many may feel that this series had a few flaws here and there, I am still very much a fan of this show, I must say.  I liked the whole series, honestly.

I think a major reason for not noticing those flaws that the series might have had was because I didn’t watch it live, or as the show was actually airing on TV.  I think a lot of the time when people are tuning into watching a show, whether it be watching it live or within the realm of when the actual season is currently airing on TV, there is a certain amount of expectation set on a series or an episode to be “amazing and great!”.  Whereas when watching a series years after it has completed its run, while there is still  expectations of some kind still put on a series to be good, there’s maybe a reasonable amount of expectations img_20190710_050052.jpgset now on the series to be “so together or so perfect” (at least for this TV Nerd).  The buzz for that once buzzed about series is now long gone, but by watching it after the buzz has died down, one gets to understand why there was ever buzz to begin with.  You can watch a series and discover every episode and every story line within your own time, if that makes sense.  You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the season or trying to avoid spoilers, because there are now new shows being talked about in those previously cancelled shows places.

Basically, I kind of prefer to watch a series after its finished its run.  I get to see what made it “so talked about”, and those not so great seasons many felt a show may have had, will probably just go on over my head and not be as noticeable to me because I am so into the story.  When a TV Series has completed its run entirely, I can simply just go from one episode to the next until the story is over, not having to wait on that weekly basis to see “what happens next”.

What I’m trying to get at by pointing this out (about shorter seasons, not my ramblings on why sometimes a series is better to watch after its over), is that Networks a lot of the time end up thinking more about the business side than on the creative side for a show, when it comes to dealing with an episode order for a series.  If a show has been able to find some success with that of finding an audience and fans for its series, as well as seeing good numbers in its ratings, Networks seem to care more about making as many episodes as possible because the show is being talked about and watched.  And the theory goes “If people are watching it, let’s build on that momentum because viewers will keep tuning with more episodes”.

Networks ordering more episodes then are needed

Although, that kind of theory can hurt the creativity of a series.  The direction and focus for a series will probably get lost because that show didn’t really need those 20 something episodes to tell that season’s story.  A series will lose a lot creativity with episodes that were not needed.  Writers for a show might feel overwhelmed, and not deliver their best work because the Network required “so and so amount of episodes” for that season.  It might be obvious to the writers of a series that those extra episodes weren’t actually ever necessary.  Those extra episodes were written simply because the show was ordered to by the Network to keep the story going.  Even if those extra episodes actually end up hurting the value of that season by never having being needed.  Hence, less episodes equals a tighter structure for a season’s story.

Basically that was the problem with Season 2 of Riverdale.  The story was uneven, and many of the story lines surrounding the main story line of “The Black Hood”, were just not necessary.  It was pretty obvious that most of the episodes were made simply because the show was ordered to by the Network to do so.  And not because they were ever really necessary or essential to story of the season itself.

Many of the other story lines within this season were basically just fillers for that main story line of “The Black Hood”, and it was more than obvious.  There are always other story lines within a season alongside the main one, but those other story lines should fit in within one another and flow seamlessly from story to story.  Season 2 of Riverdale felt like a back and forth between the main story, and the story lines that would be considered fillers.  The two just didn’t mesh.  Overall making the season feel just kind of all over the place and simply just not working.

Yes, Season 3 is worth celebrating!

Getting past that disappointment that came with Season 2 of Riverdale, then came along Season 3 a few months later.  And the question may now be, did Season 3 make up for that “Ugh…. Season 2”?  And in one word…. YES!!!!!!  I can completely tell every one of you that Season 3 of Riverdale came back around again to being completely “AMAZING!”.  It was a season that got viewers excited and interested once again in this series.

Without getting into every single detail of the season, I’ll talk about the reasons why Season 3 of Riverdale came back around to being that “it” series worth watching again.  (As you can all tell by now, I didn’t care for Season 2.  Regardless of my feelings for that season, there was never a chance that I was ever going to ditch this show.  Just had to put that out there.)

A big reason for why Season 3 of Riverdale worked so well was the fact that the series had a thrilling, intriguing mystery (along with some side stories) that was set over the whole entire season.  Unlike with Season 2, the mysterious questions surrounding the third season weren’t fully answered until the very last episode in the season finale.  With Season 2 the show wanted viewers to believe that the Janitor of the school was “The Black Hood”.  And in all honesty, I never once bought or believe that that was who “The Black Hood” really was.  The show, I’m sure, was hoping viewers would believe that this was the person responsible for all the madness going on within the town.  When it was finally revealed toward the end of the season that it wasn’t the Janitor, but in fact Hal, Betty’s Dad, I found myself thinking, “Well, I figured it was someone else!”.

How the series chose to reveal who “The Black Hood” really was, was just problematic.  In about the middle of the season, it had been thought to be the Janitor at Riverdale High.  His character had a lot of tragic personal history with the town of Riverdale, making him a prime suspect to others that he was “The Black Hood”.

The folks in Riverdale might have bought that, but not me.  There was just something about the Janitor being “The Black Hood” that didn’t really add up, and I found myself not believing that that was who it really was.  Especially, since only about half the season had passed by this point.  It was also pretty early on in the season also, for the main story line to just be over and done with.  So when the time finally came around to revealing it was actually Hal, who was the madman, I just didn’t care about the season itself anymore because I figured it was never the Janitor in the first place.

All in all, that so- called reveal that took place in the middle of the season to “throw off” viewers to who the “The Black Hood” really was, was just never really believable.  Therefore, it was somewhat slightly annoying when the show went in that direction of “Let’s say it’s this person, when it obviously isn’t.  And then show viewers who really is the person responsible at the very end.  Oh, Surprise!”.  That way of storytelling might have worked better if it just wasn’t so completely obvious.

The big mystery of Season 3…. Who or What is The Gargoyle King?

Season 3 went in a better direction with how it went in to uncovering and revealing the big mystery of the season.  That mystery surrounding who or what was “The Gargoyle King”.  Every single question was answered fully in the season finale behind who this mysterious creature was.  The whole season you just really didn’t know what to believe when it came to this terrifying and bizarre creature.  Remember how I mentioned I always thought of this series as a combination of “Gossip Girl meeting Twin Peaks”?  Well, this season it kind of was like that, but if Twin Peaks actually made sense.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Twin Peaks.  But, let’s get real, the show is a bunch of “Huh?!?! and What?!?!”.  I love Twin Peaks, but in a nutshell it does make your head spin trying to understand everything involved  within that series sometimes.

So it seemed like there for a minute in Season 3 that one could now start to include the genre of supernatural to the show, right along side those elements of “drama” and “mystery” of the series.  But just for a minute, because “The Gargoyle King” was not of the supernatural, but more of a person’s creation.

The finale went to uncovering that Penelope Blossom was the one responsible for the creation of “The Gargoyle King”.  “The Gargoyle King” was in fact “The Gargoyle Queen”.  Hal and Chic (yeah Chic is still alive…. WHAT?!”) were also involved in helping Penelope set out this terrifying creature on the town of Riverdale.  Hal and Chic were basically Penelope’s minions set out to complete her tasks.  They were merely pawns in her scheme to put fear into the town.  Every single reveal within the season finale, was so surprising (hence good finale!) because I never, ever could have guessed any of it.

The season was just great!  Every step along its way, it was a season where there was never any kind of predictability factor.  Meaning, it was a season with a story where you could never really tell what exactly was going on or where the story was going.  It was a season that continued to surprise viewers from episode to episode.  This season was one that was able to keep viewers glued to their screens all season long with wanting to know who the heck or what the heck “The Gargoyle King” was.  This mystery was one that kept viewers engaged in the season’s story.  “The Gargoyle King” was a mystery so bizarre that viewers couldn’t help but to want to watch episode after episode to see what was this creature was going to do next.  This mystery of season three was so captivating that one couldn’t help but be interested in it.  This element of the season put back some excitement in to the series again.  Can I get a “Heck Yeah!” from fellow TV Nerds who are fans of Riverdale, for that!

“The Farm”, Hmmmm…. Something seems off here

There were a few other story lines, of course, throughout Season 3, as well.  “The Gargoyle King” though, was the main one.  Another major story line was the one surrounding this mysterious establishment that came in to the town of Riverdale known as “The Farm”.  Betty had an immediate feeling in her gut that something was just off about “The Farm”.

It turns out she was right.  “The Farm”, an institution of sorts, was lead by a man by the name of Edgar Evernever (played by former “One Tree Hill” star Chad Michael Murrary).  Slowly one by one many of the townspeople of Riverdale became members of this institution.  Evelyn, Edgar’s daughter, a new student now at Riverdale High, would recruit students to become members of “The Farm”.  Betty’s Mom Alice, sister Polly, Kevin, Fangs, Cheryl, Toni, and even the Principle of Riverdale High, all eventually became members of “The Farm”.

Betty just could not understand why others couldn’t see that something was off about this so- called establishment.  Well, there was a reason for that.  Edgar would give his members a drug to take.  This drug, referred to on the series as “fizzle rocks”, turned out to be a hallucination.  Members would be given “fizzle rocks”, and soon afterwards see things or people that weren’t actually there.  They would think Edgar’s therapy and treatment was working, but really they were just under his spell thanks to ingesting the drug of “fizzle rocks”.

Betty decides to take matters in to her own hands.  She goes undercover, becoming a member of “The Farm”.  She is determine to stop this organization that has taken away her family, her friends, and her town, and uncover what “The Farm” is really up to.  Betty tries and tries to talk some sense in to to her Mom and Polly, but nothing she says gets through to them.  After some time of Alice being at “The Farm”, it’s clear that she has changed.  Betty sees how much her Mother has changed, seeming to having lost all common sense.  Then something that Betty never could have predicted happened, making her head spin even more.  She receives the news that her Mother and Edgar are engaged to be married.

Not only will her Mother and Edgar be getting married, Edgar will also be adopting Polly’s children.  Before Betty receives this news of her Mother’s unexpected engagement, she uncovers a secret.  In a shocking twist, it turns out Evelyn is actually Edgar’s Wife (WHAT?!).  Then in another shocking twist, Alice tells Betty she already knew that (WHAT?!).  Betty is shocked, to say the least, by all of this.

At “The Farm” members receive therapy treatment, as well as being required to undergo a procedure of sorts.  Edgar tells his followers that this procedure, this surgery is one that is needed to cleanse their inner selves.  He tells them that there is a purpose for this surgery, and members being under the trance of “fizzle rocks” would just oblige to his words.  Betty thought this whole surgery element that was happening within “The Farm” was just another thing to add to the list of unusual things going on that seemed suspicious.  Betty being the detective that she is, of course, uncovers towards the end of the season that there was a reason for these surgeries , just not the reason for them that Edgar was telling his followers.

During her time as her own undercover agent, Betty slowly bit by bit, starts to delve even deeper in to unlocking the mysteries of “The Farm”.  As she is doing her detective work of sorts, Betty notices Evelyn sitting in a room alone, receiving medical treatment of some kind.  Betty walks into the room, and basically asks Evelyn what she is doing.  Evelyn replies that she is receiving dialysis treatment.  Betty notices Evelyn is also receiving medication of some kind, at this time, as well.  Betty notices that Evelyn is on the same kind of medication that one would take after receiving an organ transplant (Betty must do her research when investigating.  Other than that, how she knows about all that medical info, is anybody’s guess).  And at that moment something clicks for Betty.  The hallucinations, the surgeries, it all makes sense.  Shortly after this encounter with Evelyn, Betty discovers a room within the walls at “The Farm”.  It is in this room where there are dozens, upon dozens of organs from all of the many procedures that Edgar has performed on the members of his organization.

It turns out the actual purpose of “The Farm” was not to help others.  Its actual purpose was, in fact, to harvest its fellow members organs.  That was the real reason for these “so- called necessary surgeries”, that just had to be performed on members for their “well being”.  These members thought they were doing something for the greater good, but in reality they were just getting conned.  And were merely only needed to be organ donors for Edgar’s business.  Yet, another twist of a turn within this season.  Making it a season filled with twists and turns that were anything but predictable.

The final twist of the season didn’t come until the last few minutes of the Season 3 Finale.  And what a shocker of a twist it was!  When its revealed what the real reason behind what actual purpose of “The Farm” was, Betty and friends go to “The Farm” to help get their loved ones away from the madness.  Once they arrive there though, they come to learn that everyone expect Kevin, is gone.  Kevin goes on to tell them that “the worthy ascended”.  And how he wanted to go with them, but he was told that he had to stay behind to tell what happened.  When everyone asks Kevin what that means, he says they’re gone, that they will never be seen again.  It’s not completely clear if when Kevin says “gone”, he means everyone has literally moved somewhere else in the physical sense, or it’s something more permanent.

Personally, I think the whole “gone” thing isn’t quite what it seems.  This is Riverdale after all, a series known for its twists and its turns.  It’s hard to know for sure until next season what really happened during this whole “ascended” bit, but I have a feeling we’ll see Alice, Polly, and Fangs again at some point.


But, wait!  There’s one more last twist brought within the final moments of the season, and here it is.  Alice was one of the many members of “The Farm” who appears to have “ascended”.  Betty returns home with Jughead by her side, when there is a knock at the door.  It’s an FBI Agent, who goes by Agent Smith.

Alice, it turns out was never under Edgar’s spell.  She was actually an informant for the FBI.  Her sole purpose for being at “The Farm” was to inform back to the FBI what she saw going on there.  Obviously, she couldn’t tell Betty what she was really up to.  Betty is relieved to hear that her Mother was only acting, and that there was a purpose for the reasons why she was acting the way she was.  The FBI Agent who informs Betty of everything that Alice was up to, is just not any person.  This FBI Agent’s full name is Charles Smith….. Betty’s Brother!  Her real actual Brother.  He’s alive!  WHAT?!

The Breakfast Club Meets Riverdale!

One more part to this season that I like to talk about was “The Breakfast Club” like episode.  This was by far my favorite episode of the season.  I loved how the writers went back in time to show what life was like for the adults of Riverdale when they were at Riverdale High.  The episode paid homage to the classic 80s film “The Breakfast Club”.  The episode titled “The Midnight Club”, showed viewers exactly how the role playing game “Gryphons and Gargoyles” began, along with how “The Gargoyle King” came to be.

Like I mentioned up above, this episode was one that takes place in the years of the 1980s, when the parents of Riverdale were attending Riverdale High.  The actors portraying the parents of Riverdale during their their time in the 80s were all the actors who play their children on the show.  Betty played her Mom, Veronica played her Mom, Archie played his Dad, you get the idea.  I thought this idea was genius.

The Breakfast Club in the house!

When the adults of Riverdale were in High School they all came to be in the same place at the same time one day, thanks to all them getting detention, a la “The Breakfast Club” (Michael Anthony Hall even played the school’s Principle in the episode!).  Friendships were formed, along with a few romantic relationships along the way, thanks to a trip down to detention.  The whole episode was so 80s, even down to the show theme credits, and I love every minute of it!

An 80s themed logo!

I thought this was just a perfect episode of the season.  It was also a necessary episode to do because up to this point viewers had only heard the story of how “Gryphons and Gargoyles” came to be.  This stand alone episode which was dedicated solely to showing the origins of how “Gryphons and Gargoyles” and “The Gargoyle King” came to be, was an episode that needed to happen.  It was in this episode where viewers were finally able to see why “Gryphons and Gargoyles” and “The Gargoyle King” were things from the parents of Riverdale’s past that they never, ever forgot.

IMG_20190705_165935 (1)Okay, so that’s that on Season 3 of Riverdale!  Did I cover absolutely everything in Season 3?  Nope!  But there was a lot that went on within this very season, and this wasn’t an article that I was planning on writing when the season started way back months ago.  So, I did the best I could once I realized that “I just had to talk about Riverdale on my blog!”.  Season 3 was just simply an all around great season filled with an intriguing story that continued to keep viewers glued to their seats week after week wondering exactly “What The Heck Is Going To Happen Next?!”.  And after a previous season of “eh” this latest season was one that was very much needed to give viewers confidence in this series again.  So if you haven’t watched this latest season of Riverdale just yet, head on over to Netflix now and go and watch it already!

IMG_20190708_173903When there is such success with a popular franchise such as Riverdale, the next thing that can sometimes happen is a “spin-off” of that series.  And, sure enough this year we saw the first spin-off series to come off of Riverdale’s success.  “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” began its run on Netflix in late 2018, right around the time of Halloween.  It was a much watched series when it premiered on Netflix last Fall.  A second season was quickly ordered shortly after its first season episodes premiered on the popular streaming service platform.  After the first season’s episodes were put up, about a month or so later, a special holiday episode then aired.  Season 2 of the series then premiered a few mere months later in Spring of 2019.  I’m not exactly sure this series is actually that of a “spin-off series” in the common sense because there’s no characters from Riverdale on the show.  But it’s still in the realm of the Riverdale world, if that makes any sense.

IMG_20190708_173408Also, later next year the CW Network will be premiering another “spin-off” series of Riverdale.  This new series, “Katy Keene”, will star “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale as the titled character of Katy Keene.  Now this is a spin-off series that will include a character from the world of Riverdale, Josy.  Towards the end of Season 3, Josy was feeling a need for a change of scenery, and decided it was time to leave Riverdale.  I’m guessing she’ll end up meeting Katy Keene during her travels away from Riverdale, and hence a “spin-off” series is born.  I’m really excited about this new spin-off series!  I’ve heard musical numbers will be involved.  Which makes complete sense that the character of Josy would be on this series, as she is a singer- songwriter.


Riverdale is a series that I will continue to recommend to other fellow TV Nerds (Yes, it still gets a recommend from this gal, despite an “Ugh…. Season 2”).  It’s a series with interesting characters, camp galore, mystery, intrigue, so many dramatic glances, suspense, along with romance, that will always make this a series that I will want to continue to want to watch.  And with already having their “eh, not so great season” out of the way now, Riverdale is a show that will continue to grow and evolve within every new season to come, I imagine.  And based on that “What The Heck Happened?!?!” season three finale, Riverdale has done it again with making viewers curious enough to want to stick with this series until its next new season, just up ahead on the TV Horizon in a few months!

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts on the series Riverdale, I’d love to hear yours!


– What do you think of Riverdale?

– How did you feel about Season 2 of Riverdale?

– Did you think Season 3 was an improvement from Season 2?


Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

5 thoughts on “TV Show Shout Out: Riverdale”

    1. Thanks so much!

      Yes, I loved reading your episode reviews for Season 3 of Riverdale. Yeah, there are so many similarities between that first season of Riverdale and Twin Peaks.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting =)!

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