Believe It Or Not….. I Watch TV When I’m Happy and Not When I’m Sad……..

jodi tvSomeone once asked me if I watch TV as a coping mechanism for dealing with IBS. For those of you who don’t know what IBS is, well consider yourself one of the lucky ones. IBS stands for: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s basically when your stomach works against you, making daily living sometimes nonexistent. On a more positive note, my situation with that has gotten considerably better to what it once was. I cut out soda. Who knew? Now, it’s just a matter of trying to fix the mental toll that it caused on my mind. I’m still working on that one.

At the time when I was asked that question of if my TV watching was a coping mechanism, I said, “Sure, somewhat”. Which wasn’t a complete truth. It seemed easier to just say yes to that question instead of the real reason. Which is that my social life after high school and into college became of the “nonexistent” variety. My whole life I always had friends, I always had someone to hang out with or talk to on the phone. Sure, some friendships took that natural fade away and new friendships formed in those places of the old ones. Cause that does happen in one’s life from time to time. Without going into specifics, I’ll just say I had a group of people in high school who I considered to be my “forever friends”. Let’s just say to this day, they are probably all in each other lives with the exception of me. I understand the concept of people growing apart and things along that nature making that natural fade away. Although, to put my feelings in TV terms (cause I am now a TV Nerd after all), I had less of a proper goodbye send off from the network and more of that disappointing abrupt cancellation without a reason why. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I hold no bad feelings or ill will for any of these people from my past. What I hate to admit though, is that to this very day, I am extremely still hurt by this occurrence in my life. Simply because I considered these people to be my actual friends. I am not the best or the greatest person. I can be annoying at times. I was not the best friend I could of been. I am flawed. I make mistakes. I think making new friends after this happened was hard cause I felt, “Why do I have to make new friends? I thought I had ones at this point in my life.” Also, I think I never wanted anyone to also feel that hurt that can be caused from someone just simply tossing you aside with no explanation for something better, even after trying to reach out.

So, yeah, graduation happened. And as fast as graduation happened so disappeared that small social life I once considered everything. I’m not sure why I then turned to TV. I do realize how ridiculous it seems, but with no friends to hang with, I looked to TV. I thought I’ll have something to look forward to each and every night of the week. Somewhat sad I know, but at that time I was really sad, so it fit with why I didn’t do something more active like a sport. In a way, it wasn’t until looking back at these moments years later that I realize how depressed from this situation I really became. Even to this day, that particular depression has remained intact.

Growing up, I was always a fan of the arts. Particularly theater and the performing arts. In my high school days, I upped that to Broadway Theater Nerd or Dork, whichever you prefer. By tenth grade, I was basically Rachel Berry from “Glee”, if Rachel Berry couldn’t sing a tune in the least. Yeah, that was and is still very much me. I never was really an avid TV watcher back then.

Growing up in the 90s, I was a superfan of Nickelodeon though. Clarissa Explains It All, was literally everything to me. She was my fashion idol! I too, never wore what some might consider to be a “classic” look when dealing with my fashion choices. I was more of the mix and match type with too much jewelry. Although, when in high school, the one and only show I ever remembered when it was actually on TV (and didn’t forget it was on) was the classic gem that was “Felicity”. I rarely remembered when shows were actually on with the exception of that one. When not in school or marching band (which I was awful at, by the way), I hung out with friends, never really being “That TV Nerd” quite yet.

As far as my health situation of dealing with IBS (for pretty much my whole life and it getting much worse since graduating high school), I think I might be finally seeing that possible light at that end of the tunnel. I know it may sound weird to those who haven’t experienced it, but having IBS is like having a form of PTSD. Even though, it’s gotten way better in the last year, it really did a number of my mind. I guess spending that much time in the bathroom will do that to anyone. The thing is I love going out, seeing shows, going to the beach, being outdoors. I’m not like a huge nature person, but I love doing stuff. As much as IBS dictated a lot of my time, when that part of my day was over with I was more than wanting to go and hang out and have that fun with others. Although, with that not happening I turned to TV.

I get that someone might make that assumption that TV is a coping mechanism. And they were somewhat right, but just for the wrong assumption. TV watching might have started for me as something to do while feeling depressed over feeling tossed aside by ones I considered real friends. It turned into though, after the years passed on by into something I really quite enjoy and love now. I am actually super knowledgeable about (possibly pointless yet super interesting facts, at least to this “TV Nerd” gal) TV in general now. I would love one day to make a career out of my love of Theater and TV.

Talking about these subjects is literally the only time in my life where I feel like I have that right answer and can go from sad to way, way too hyper in a matter of moments. IBS and the mental toll that that had taken on me for well over the last fifteen years truly kept me from pursuing anything I was interested in. I don’t have a lot of fight in me anymore at times really because of that. As well as, that “wonderful friends” issue previously mentioned. Although, one day I hope to be the person that I once felt I was, who didn’t let something like IBS or depression from whatever the reason may be, continue to hold me back. I feel like this chunk of my life one day will be something I hope I can learn something from. Although, I’m pretty sure I was a turtle in a former lifetime and that might explain why I am so gosh darn slow at everything in life and getting over things as well. I feel like I’m finally there in some ways and not yet there in others. Like I said, former turtle over here.

I could never really understand when actors or showrunners from TV shows would say how people would tell them how much their show meant to them. I didn’t really understand that investment in something like a show on TV. Although, going through what I’ve been through, I now understand it. People can sometimes lift you up and let you down. Having a show to watch can fill that sadness in your mind with a story. Something better to help occupy your time with, where sometimes people in your own life can not help with.

These days, I watch TV not because of a lack of a social life ( which never came back, but it’s okay at this point. I’m not sure I really have the energy for one anyways anymore really) but because I truly enjoy the art form. It’s funny cause when I watch TV now I enjoy it more if I’m in a good mood. In this mood, I appreciate what I’m watching, I’m enjoying it, I’m invested in thoughts like, “Where is this going? or What just happened! What!”. I can be an animated or some might call “annoying TV viewer” especially when I watch a show like 90210, Revenge, or Nashville. Those shows had some crazy story lines that when watching I couldn’t help but shout out, like A LOT, “Wait! What! I soooo did not see that coming! What!”

I have to be in a good mood to really want to watch TV, and when I’m sad or depress I actually have no desire to watch any programs. There’s nothing worse, as far as TV is concern cause there are bigger problems in this crazy world (DUH!), than watching something and your mind isn’t in it. In all honesty, that was my mood tonight which resulted in this article about why I watch TV when I’m happy and not when I’m sad.

Author: Jodi Fisher

Hello, everyone out there in the land of blogs! My name is Jodi Fisher. A hopefully interesting yet quiet gal who wishes she could afford to live in the Big Apple. Some of you out there may be wondering why I decided to start a blog. There are so many blogs out there, that I didn’t think it was worth it for something nobody might even read. Although, with this new year I decided why not? So here I finally am with my own blog. So what is my blog all about? Well, as I previously have mentioned I am a fan of all things entertainment. Television, theater, and books are my very favorites out of pop culture. There is a chance if you were to ask me about a random television show or stage play, I will probably know if it’s worth viewing. I am also someone who loves nostalgia and remembering the better times from my past. I usually like to incorporate my love of entertainment and nostalgia together, when I wrote my blog posts. Along with my fondness of entertainment, I am someone, who tries to notice the simple things in life. So in ending this little tidbit about who I am, my goal in starting this blog is to just simply be me and write about things that I find interesting and entertaining.

8 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not….. I Watch TV When I’m Happy and Not When I’m Sad……..”

  1. I’m the same. When I’m in a bad mood i can’t really focus on just any series. That’s when i go to the specific ones like 30 rock or parks and recs.
    Same with reading. I read more when I’m in a good mood 😃

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    1. Glad to hear someone else can relate to that also. It’s like, “Why bother watching something right now, if I don’t care what I am actually watching”, LoL.

      I loved 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation! I miss those shows. I finally after all these years finished 30 Rock a little whiles ago. Have you ever watched Great News? It’s another Tina Fey gem. It got cancelled after the last season they had (2 seasons). It’s very similar in its humor to that of 30 Rock. Even though, it got cancelled it’s still very much worth the watch.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    There’s a lot to that I can relate to here, and it’s wonderful that you’re sharing all of this because I am sure many people have gone through similar experiences!

    I have gone to the stomach a lot because of stomach issues and was always told IBS was a possibility, but I believe a lot of it is linked to the anxiety I have and I am sensitive to a lot of foods. At one point doctors thought I was lactose intolerant, but it seems to be random or at different stages in my life where it’s worse than other (e.g. if my anxiety is peaking). I now avoid milk in the mornings if I know I have to be anywhere because my stomach almost always reacts negatively to it! In highschool, I had constant issues with my stomach working against me and not being able to pay attention in class due to constant discomfort. At one point during my third year of university, I went through a few months of my stomach acting so turbulent that out of nowhere I would have to drop everything I was doing and rush desperately to find a bathroom. While I can’t say I have IBS, I really empathise with what you’re going through!

    Also, I have had a very similar experience regarding my ‘relationship’ with television. I used to mainly view it as a coping mechanism when I was very sad or anxious, or I didn’t want to deal with what I was feeling.

    Now, I actually only like watching my favourite TV shows when I’m in a good mood, because I enjoy them so much and they’re inevitably more fun to watch if I’m feeling good with how things are going 🙂

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    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve also had unfortunate stomach issues as well. I never knew anyone earlier on in my life with similar stomach problems such as in those “high school days with friends of long ago”. In some ways, I always thought that’s why I was dropped as a friend cause I was not a very convenient friend cause I would have to go to the bathroom a little more than the average person on occasion.

      Oh, school was always a difficult situation when dealing with the bathroom. It was like some teachers didn’t understand that concept of….. you don’t want to go cause no one wants to, you have to. It always felt like I was being timed for how long I would be in the bathroom. I actually started to wear a watch just to prove I wasn’t out as long as they would say I was. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school, I got a doctor’s note saying if I had to go to the bathroom to let me and not question it. It’s like I understand some people might ask to go to the bathroom for reasons other than having to go to the bathroom. But I only asked if I had to, you know, lol. Sometimes kids would pick on me cause I would go maybe twice in one class. I always thought of myself as “the bathroom girl” cause of that. Glad those days are behind me. It was ridiculous, lol.

      Well, I hope your stomach issues get better. While most of my days are better than before, every day I never know what to expect with my stomach. Always hope for the best, you know. I am definitely lactose intolerant. I wish I wasn’t. I really miss eating soft serve ice cream, it’s just not worth it though, lol. There is a lactose free ice cream. I had it years ago, but to be frank the gas it caused was ridiculous. I was like, “Yeah, that’s the end of me and ice cream forever”, lol.

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      1. I definitely do not miss high school…at all! I feel like kids and teens pick on each other for the smallest things and don’t realise the impact it can have on people! I am also sorry to hear that your stomach issues may have impacted your friendships, because it is something so out of your control so I really empathise! A lot of my friendships in high school were strained or became faded due to my anxiety, and it was very heartbreaking at times because a lot of it was so out of my control. It’s never nice to feel like your relationships are being tested due to something you’re not choosing to experience!
        When I was 17, I took my first big trip away from home for a month with a friend- all the way from Latin America to Australia to stay with distant relatives I had never even met. I was soooo anxious, and I think what had me the most anxious was how my stomach was going to act during the 15 hour non stop flight from LA to Sydney. I literally was petrified I was going to shit myself in front of the whole flight and played out every worst possible scenario out in my mind XD

        I really hope your stomach gets better to and know that there are lots of people out there, myself included, who totally empathise with what you’re going through! IBS or any stomach issues should be a no judgment zone 🙂

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      2. Well, I never knew for a fact that it was because of my stomach issues that some of my friendships abruptly ended. It was always in the back of my mind as a possibility for why. At the end of the day, when I reached out asking why, I just simply never received a response. I guess I’ll never really know what happened.

        It’s so disappointing when it comes to going on trips for me. I haven’t been on a real vacation trip in so long. And that’s primarily cause I have no idea what I would eat. Recently, my stomach has been acting up again. It’s like just when I feel like things like a vacation are possible, I go back to thinking not so much cause of these stomach issues. It’s just frustrating, you know. When you feel like the only thing holding you back is stuff that is out of your control.


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