I Am That True Theater Loving Nerd Who Will Never Be Able To Carry A Tune

Jodi theater blogI have loved the arts since as long as I can remember. I’m not a very outgoing person these days, but once you get me talking about anything in pop culture, good luck trying to get me to stop. There’s a good chance that if you ask me who was in this show or that, I would know. I’m full of theater facts and anyone who really knows me now will tell you that. I was that person growing up who would always try out for the annual school musical but I was not born with a singing voice so you could guess how that turned out. Although, in middle school the school’s production needed someone to turn pages for the accompanist, I signed up to help and was the page turner for three productions. Sure, it was a small contribution, but I can remember that time fondly as having had a part in some way.

I have always loved musicals and plays my whole life.Something about seeing a live production can be so exciting and fascinating. It’s amazing to see the amount of work that goes into just a single performance. It wasn’t until tenth grade that I actually saw my first Broadway show on a bus trip. I went to see “Footloose the Musical” based on the film. I remember liking it a lot. If I’m being honest, at this point it’s been awhile so my memory is a little foggy on the actual production. Although, it was a great first show to see. After that I remember thinking that I liked it and wanted to see as many shows as I could. From there on in, I was glued to the theater. I signed up for as many bus trips as possible. I soon went from seeing zero Broadway productions to several.

The next show that got me even more interested in Broadway productions was the musical version of the popular 70’s film “Saturday Night Fever” which I saw on another bus trip. Bus trips are an excellent way of getting into the city to see shows. The trip handles round trip transportation and getting the tickets. The only downfall is that you don’t always get to choose where you sit. As in the case with my first outing to see this show, I was literally in the very last row of the theater. So yes, that view wasn’t what one might call favorable. Although, my Broadway viewing experiences as this point were still in the single digits, so I was just happy to be there at all. It was still all so new to me. “Saturday Night Fever the Musical” is one show in particular, that will always have a special place in my heart. I loved everything about the production. It was simply just a wonderful, fun, lively and energetic show with the most magical songs of The Bee Gees. I became such a fan of the cast. Many recognizable names in the entertainment industry were in fact in this very musical. Names such as James Carpinello, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Bryan Batt, Andy Blankenbuehler, Casey Nicholaw and Andy Karl to name a few. Anytime I see a performer from this show in another show I always tell them, “I loved Saturday Night Fever”.

I was able to see “Saturday Night Fever” a total of three times on Broadway. The first was on a bus trip, the second time was when the performer who originated the lead part of Tony Manero, James Carpinello, played his final performance. My entire family and I had a car service drive us in to see the production together. The first time I saw the production he wasn’t there so I thought it would be fun to see someone’s last performance, which was a special performance to have seen. The last time I saw the show it actually almost didn’t happen. The show was scheduled to close on New Year’s Eve 2000. I had tickets for the very last Saturday matinee. My parents were never ones to travel into the city by car. Driving in New York City can be a bit crazy to say the least. So my mom’s friend offered to drive my mom and myself to the show and she came to also see the show. All week there was talk of an upcoming mega blizzard that would make its way to the East Coast right before New Year’s Eve. As the days went on it seemed like the storm was going to be as bad as the weather forecasters were predicting. My mom’s friend said she would still go see the show with us if we could get tickets for Friday night’s performance if they were available. My mom called and thank goodness there were still tickets available, and as predicted the weather was that bad. There would have been no way to get from New Jersey to New York in that storm. I always feel so fortunate whenever I get to see a Broadway show. This one time I especially felt lucky because it almost didn’t happen. One of the last songs in the show was “How Deep Is Your Love”. To this very day, I will always remember turning to my mom, who was just as much a fan of this show as I was, and saying, “This is the last time.” I will always talk about this musical as the show that truly peaked my interest in Broadway, and will forever be a show with a place in my heart.

Since seeing “Saturday Night Fever”, I have been lucky to see many other wonderful productions. A live production of a show is a special thing to be able to see. For those few hours at the theater, you get to see something come together before your eyes. I will go to live theater for as long as possible. I will hopefully, even in my old age still go to see the hottest shows in town. For I will forever be that true theater loving nerd who was never able to carry a tune.


Author: Jodi Fisher

Hi! I’m Jodi! My dream is to live in NYC, see a Broadway show every single day, and write about the arts for a living. Until that delightful day arrives, I’ll be over here blogging about my love of the arts!

7 thoughts on “I Am That True Theater Loving Nerd Who Will Never Be Able To Carry A Tune”

  1. I am also that musical loving fan who can’t sing, but I still sing to show tunes any ways. I started going to the theatre in elementary school. But my journey really began when I went to NYC with my mom and we saw Wicked and I was 12 at the time and that show began my love and later in my first semester of college, Les Mis would turn that love into a passion.

    Les Mis, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, South Pacific, Pippin, Music Man and Rent are musicals I love. There is nothing like the power of live theatre: seen all of these live except for South Pacific. The thrill of the orchestra, which I see as a character of the show, the thrill of the spectacle and dance and so on. There is something more powerful about seeing the actors right in front of you compared to seeing them on a screen. Musicals are capable of more than it seems.

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    1. Happy to see another fellow theater fan! Live theater is just the best! By the way, Pippin is a favorite of mine, as well. Saw it twice on Broadway, loved it! Can’t wait for the Tonys!


      1. My mom and I saw Pippin. Mom got tickets a week ahead of time. There was one day left with seats together. I saw it on tour in Charlotte. I rely on touring productions.

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      2. Yes, Pippin was really such a wonderful show! I’ve only seen one show one tour which was Saturday Night Fever. I saw it three separate times. I usually go see shows on Broadway most of the time, otherwise. Seen any touring productions recently?


      3. I have not seen any touring productions this year.

        Last musical I saw was Les Mis. It opened up a new tour in the United States September 2017. Originally was planning to watch it in Charlotte. Than I found out Gardner Webb University was taking students to see it in Greenville. Either I see it in Charlotte with my mom or sign up to see it with my school in November in Greenville.

        I choose to see it in Greenville and it was the right choice. The Peace Center is a gorgeous theatre. We were in the balcony and from that view I could see just how beautiful the Peace Center was. I saw Phantom of the Opera in the orchestra so by seeing Les Mis in the balcony, I could really see the beauty of the theatre. After act I, the GW person next to me was asking me question about characters and songs and good thing I know the show 24/7 so I was able to answer. I never saw Les Mis on tour before so it was my 1st time seeing the 25th anniversary production.

        To be honest: November was my 5th time seeing the stage show. The first 3x were in 2013 at community college due to going once with family and twice as usher. The 4th time was in the West End in 2015.

        The other touring production I saw last year was Rent. To see Rent, I had to go home for one weekend during the school year. I had waited 5 years to see it live. To see both Rent and Les Mis in the same year is crazy: I was an emotional wreck twice last year.

        I am seeing a musical on tour this year: I am seeing Lion King in September. I did see it on tour back in elementary school but do not remember seeing it and that is why I wanted to see it again.

        I rely on touring productions. NYC is not close enough for me. I live in the Untied States but in the south. I do not live close enough so I am thankful for touring productions

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      4. That’s wonderful! There is nothing better than seeing a show you like and can truly appreciate. You’ll love The Lion King. Saw it on Broadway years ago. What a wonderful show and an amazing piece of live theater!


      5. There is nothing like seeing a show live

        From Les Mis to Pippin to Phantom of the Opera to Wicked to Newsies to Sound of Music to Annie- all the touring productions I remember seeing that I loved.

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